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Faculty of Economics and Administration, University offers a new line of business - Financial Risk Management Added:28.4. 2011
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Faculty of Economics and Administration, University offers a new line of business - Financial Risk Management

Press news

Exceptional opportunity opened at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of everyone interested in future employment in the financial sector. Candidates for a new undergraduate degree course in Financial Risk Management, which has just been accredited, may exceptionally submit applications to study for the academic year 2011/2012 up to 15 May.

New Study responds to a significant increase in demand for specialists of the financial institutions who are familiar with a wide range of quantitative analysis of scientific approaches to solving complex decision problems in an environment of banks, insurance companies and investment companies.

This is a fairly intensive study, which is based on mathematics. On the other hand, graduates will have a realistic chance of getting an interesting job and financially valued.

These specialists are also among the highest paid employees in financial institutions, so from this perspective could be a new degree course in the Faculty of Economics and Management of Financial Risk Management for students and an interesting perspective.

Required theoretical knowledge of the methods include economic and management disciplines, mathematics, probability theory, statistics, stochastic processes, financial mathematics, with emphasis on their application to address issues of financial management. Graduates acquire the knowledge of system engineering and computer science from the basics of programming, as well as the ability to use computer technology and professional mathematical and statistical software. The curriculum is devoted to space and teaching English language, whose knowledge is essential for communication in the financial sector in the European Union.

Given that this was just a bachelor's degree course is accredited, will this year, particularly students recruited into the study based on the average marks in the annual report of the penultimate year of secondary education, and normally the third year. Faculty will receive more than 60 applicants.

** Applications for study adopts Faculty of Economics and Management exceptionally up to 15 May .**

The application is submitted electronically at or written on a standard form „Application for admission to university in the CR“ (SEVT form) submitted to address the faculty.

  • More information: *
  • Assoc. Ing. Bohdan Linda, PhD., Field supervisor, *
  • Department of Mathematics Faculty of Economics and Administration *
  • Phone 466 036 514, 020, E-mail bohdan.linda @ *
  • And Ivan Vesely, *
  • Information and Consulting Centre FES – 466 036 454 *
  • Ing. Valerie Wágnerová *
  • Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesperson *
  • Phone 466 036 555 *
  • E-mail *

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