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The days of sun in Brno Added:28.4. 2011
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The days of sun in Brno

Press news

Czech RE Agency brings to the Czech Republic, celebrate the sun. The first two weeks of May are nearly everywhere in Europe for several years devoted to the reliable sources of clean energy, which was created by and is maintained by all life on Earth.

People will have the opportunity to literally touch interesting photovoltaic and solar thermal technology, visit film screenings, lectures and open days at places where the sun provides electricity and heats water. A complete list of events, visit the project website: Wednesday, the 4th 5th 2011 – photovoltaics and electricity storage

Electrical Department at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology invites you to seminars and laboratory tours. Meeting participants at the reception hall technical 10, 616 00 Brno, according to the following schedule:

10:00 – Seminar Possible sources of energy for the future (Ing. Bechník Bronislaw, Ph.D., United RE Agency) – humanity relies on three technology groups – nuclear fusion, fast breeder reactors and renewable energy sources (RES). Currently, there is a decided winner. While the first two bets in the promise of almost unlimited source of energy, promote renewable energy sources can only work together and in conjunction with the efficient use of energy respectively. savings.

10:30 – visit to the laboratory diagnosis of PV defects

11:00 – Seminar Accumulation of electricity (doc. Ing. Bača Peter, PhD, FIT VUT Brno) – overview of accumulation of supercapacitors over batteries and gyroscopes to pumped storage.

11:30 – laboratory examination of modern batteries and fuel cells Thursday, the 5th 5th 2011 – Heat of the Sun Department of Building Services Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno organizes a lecture and a tour of the laboratory.

16:00 – lecture Possible sources of energy for the future (see above).

16:30 – Laboratory Tour

Friday, the 6th 5th 2011 – Sun shipping Photon Energy Company has supplied solar systems on some ships near Brno. Energy from the Sun extended roll-out of ships that normally draw power from batteries.

15:00 – Celebrates the Launch of a cruise ship equipped with photovoltaic systems. Brno Dam, Harbor Bystrc.

CONTACTS: Ing. Bechník Bronislaw, Ph.D. | E-mail: | tel: +420 60277137­1 Assoc. Ing. Peter Bača, Ph.D. | E-mail: | Tel: +420 54114 6188, O2 GSM: +420 72 681 6188, GSM T-Mobile +420 60 407 6188 Ing. Peter Horak, Ph.D. | E-mail: @ horak.p | tel +420 54114 7922, O2 GSM: +420 72 681 7922, GSM T-Mobile +420 60 407 7922

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