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Rag year pošestnácté Added:28.4. 2011
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Rag year pošestnácté

Press news

On Wednesday 4 May 2011, held for the 16th annual Rag Day VSB-TUO 2011, which traditionally holds Professional Union of Students VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. Rag VSB-TUO 2011, largely, not only financially supported by both the Technical University of Ostrava, as well as the Statutory City of Ostrava. The patronage of the whole event was the Rector of VSB-TUO prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrak, CSc. And the Mayor of the city of Ostrava Ing. Peter Kajnar MBA.

This year is marked by many changes. Majálesové events will no longer be held in the campus of VSB-TUO, as in previous years. A novelty is the venue in the area Globus hypermarket in Ostrava Plesná building across from the Faculty of Technical University of Ostrava, in areas not frequented Globus shopping center parking lot. VSB-TUO Rag 2011 is organized by students, especially student majálesové morning events. President of the Students Union Estates VSB-TUO Bachelor Bublík Darek said: „Rag is a great student festival, we are glad that we maintain free access and that we were directly involved in the preparation of the student events, the selection of bands and entertainment attractions for students.“ Rag VSB-TUO 2011 will take place as usual in all weathers.

Program Majáles VSB-TUO 2011, has traditionally extended to the photo exhibition entitled "Students and their activities, which will be placed for the third time in the Gallery of VSB-TUO. The exhibition will run throughout May 2011 and will feature photos from past years events Rag and also there will be to see pictures of the activities of SUS and SK as VSB-TUO.

The entire event will begin at majálesovým procession.: 00 pm at the roundabout on Main Street in Ostrava-Poruba. Coaches, which will travel leaders of our university, the outgoing king Rag Day 2010, and soon the newly crowned king, together with musicians and drum majorette at 10.30 am happy to get on the path towards our university. An integral part of the procession will students in the traditional miner's garb – Sark – and students in various guises. The march will play popular brass band Kobeřanka.

Around 11.00 the expected arrival of the procession to the Rector Technical University of Ostrava, where the fun does not end there! Student Chamber of the Academic Senate at VŠB-TUO and representatives of VSB-TUO choose the best mask and appreciate it very attractive price. There will also be a coronation of new king Majáles VSB-TUO, 2010, representatives of the University of greetings and important partners.

Then the course of action moves to the areas Globus hypermarket, where the stage is gradually introducing the main stage bands like Marian 333, Rock n Roll Band M. Woodman, Šajtar, Kabat (revival), Polemic, Rhythm and Tina, and finally Helax DJs Loew, Daniell, LumX. The important part of the so-called alternative scene Electronic Stage, where he will line up and more.

Security and event facilities will ensure the company DK Productions, will be further enhanced transport buses MHD Ostrava as the venue, and after the return.

Time schedule of events: MAIN STREET STAGE (roundabout Main Street, Ostrava-Poruba) 9:00 to 12:00 10:30 pageant direction Rectorate VSB-TUO MAIN STAGE 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. 13:00 20:00 Šajtar Kabat (revival) 14:30 22:00 333 Marian Rhythm and Tina Polemic 16:00 23:00 Helax DJ Lowa, Daniell, LumX 18:00 Rock n Roll Band by M. Woodman

ELECTRONIC STAGE 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. ORBITH, Danny Bright, STREED MARTIN, DUNCAN BLACK, Adam Cloud, CJ Fox, Pirie, D'Safo, VANVEGA, Chicken, Marthiass, Pietro Bell Marinos Caswell, Mike Frost.

For more information contact below SUS president Technical University of Ostrava, and also the spokesman, who is the only one authorized to make official statements and information on the organization Majáles VSB-TUO 2011th Other information will be false!

More information can be obtained here:

Bc Darek Bublík tel: 602 660 647, email: @ the official spokesman and president of SUS VSB-TUO

Mgr. Tana Kantorková External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorkova

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