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JRC Rag Day 2011 are breathing down your back! 3rd 5th Die Added:1.5. 2011
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JRC Rag Day 2011 are breathing down your back! 3rd 5th Die

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Annual Music Festival May Festival is here. On Sunday, after celebrating Labor Day the only day of rest Zlín. On Tuesday 3 May the place is as square, Club Metro, The Golem, Backstage, flip or turn the 9472 workshop murderously fun place to celebrate the spring festival of students. After the year is here again JRC Rag Day 2011th

„Everything starts one hour after noon, when the car park on the street starts Březnická traditional parade through the town. This year's theme is horror, which gives all participants a lot of space to develop creative masks. The best will be rewarded with rich gifts from partners of the event "said festival spokeswoman Andrea Fleissigová. The trail leads around the Grand Theatre, Golem, Comenius through the park, to the main square, where a procession to welcome the moderator Kazma, known from television stream. The first band Rag Day this year are "hooligans from Vsetín Bronx“ Criminal Colection. Those in the afternoon to replace the square punk degradation, Airfare and the popular Charlie Straight. In the meantime, visitors can enjoy a rich accompanying program. In addition to refreshment stands and all kinds of fun attractions are prepared to contest for scariest scream and murder quiz in the commercial heart of the Golden Apple will be 2 to 7 hours of evening ready fotokoutek horror with a professional photographer or even decorated with infostánek buy bread with the original motives of the festival , programs, flyers and all the important information.

Musical baton to Charlie Straight Square coasts around 19:30, when the program moves to the five clubs in Zlín. „The Golem, visitors can enjoy nine hours at The Frustrators or one of the biggest attractions this year – the band Wohnout, who rebounded to the festival directly from the recording studio, where he is preparing a new album,“ revealed one of the main festival manager Martin Thor. When they kick the crowd care kit Prague Conspiracy in the morning will be fun to keep girls from MHDJ's.

Next stage, the audience can visit the new shop this year 9472 (previously Theatricality in the club), where organizers are attracted to the two-man formation Goose or a famous actor and singer Jiri Schmitzer. Admission will be EUR 100, – CZK. Who would have impressed the Rock Golem atmosphere unusual even in a workshop environment 9472 can go backstage bar, where they wait for hip hop and R & B songs from DJ Rico and Low Money. Dance will also be in the subway, where DJs get started Marcus Cooper, Sasha & Vee Pietri and mIRC and the Flip will wait Boney M and other oldies. For access to all these clubs will be able to buy a single ticket for CZK 70, – or mass per 150, – CZK.

"And I would like these 150, – CZK save? Even on Monday, you can get discount tickets in advance and at City Hall or the Library of TBU or even better – for free! In the Library TBU is a special search contest, where the shelves with books tucked away three free tickets. On Monday, a photo contest registration ends in the commercial center of Golden Apple. The last tickets will be waiting on the website of the Zlin newspaper. More information about competitions, not only to search "she said at the end Fleissigová.

Andrea Fleissigová PR Manager, Spokesperson Rag Day 2011 +420724965532

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