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Living on privat Added:11.5. 2011
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Living on privat

  • You did not place at college and you do not want to spend hours commuting every day? Alternatively, tracks may be living in private accommodation. We will advise you what to be careful about how to proceed when furnishing a new home .*

For housing to private club in general, that you'll need to prepare more money than the college. After renting a small apartment in great demand, therefore, are among the most expensive. The price depends on factors such as location, transport accessibility, condition and furnishings. For example, in Prague rent studio apartments starting at seven thousand a month. This is a bare rent, which must be added charges for services, internet and energy consumption. For an individual or pair of students is not easy to afford to pay that much money. Therefore, some students inquire about room for more bytes, which can reduce the cost of distribution fees on some people. Low price of 3 +1 in Prague is about twelve thousand a month. In regional cities, prices are falling significantly. Note that the lodger in the flat growth, with price decreases and your standard of living. It is nice every morning waiting queue to the toilet or bathroom.

Look === === The easiest way is to take advantage of Realtors. The agency acts as an intermediary between you and the owner. The biggest advantage is definitely security. The lease relationship is governed by a contract which is normally closed on a temporary basis. On the contrary, negative rental through a real estate agent is money. The mediation housing agency must pay the commission of a lease. Next, you must also lodge a refundable deposit of one lease. It's a lock for the owner of the draw in case of arrears of rent, services associated with the use of a flat or house damage beyond normal wear and tear. In sum the initial entry will have to save up to three rentals.

Other menu options are private individuals. Look at advertising portals „OLX“:, „annonce“: or „Hyperinzerce“: The owners of apartments of the students sometimes have fear. Not so coolie buoyant life, but especially if they are unable to pay rent regularly and on time. Renting without a broker is financially excellent choice. You save on estate agency commissions. Do not be lulled by price and be vigilant. The place is a thorough examination of the contract and lease terms. This is true also for the accommodation known as roommates. You only rent one room in the apartment, common areas shared with others. Homes are plentiful, but choose carefully. For the adventurous way of living refers primarily money. Save, but polio tolerance. Coexistence is completely strangers is not always easy. Offers lot of stuff to find roommates' ":"; ":"; ": http://www. chcispolubydli­

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By spending === === The rent deposit to be added to the energy consumption. As one of energy: gas, electricity, water and sewerage. The amount of fees depends on the number of persons and especially for their parsimony. If you want to save, you have to forget the daily bath filled to the brim with hot water. Students without Internet access can do hard. This means a further increase in expenditure of several hundred. If you are not equipped to be rented, you will logically have to invest considerable funds into gear. Do not forget the incidents. Minor home repairs provided by the tenant on your account. To what extent repairs are paid, defines the lease. He is a two thousand crowns, correction of this amount is directed by the landlord.

Preparing for life === === Living in apartments is in contrast to the track very obliging. It is based on trust among users of the apartment. Selecting roommates is a chapter in itself. Directly offered to take the apartment friends and classmates from high school. Keep in mind that you will know in a joint housing on another site. Without parental supervision, where who zvlčí. Therefore, choose a roommate over carefully. Housing in a separate apartment can be seen as preparation for future life. Have been confirmed by students of ICT James: „With housing apartments is enough to worry about. Especially when more people live and have to worry about paying rent, water, electricity and so on. On the other hand, I think I find it quite helpful that I learned how to take care of themselves. Which suited me, I want to live somewhere alone. It was quite a jump. Within eighteen my parents and all arranged the same time it was for me. “

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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