TBU venue for a fun day for mentally handicapped children Added:4.5. 2011
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TBU venue for a fun day for mentally handicapped children

For the fifth year, organized by students from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata in Zlin fun day for mentally handicapped children.

This year will herald the spirit of the Wild West and the 10th place 5th Riding in the Sports Centre in Zlín. For kids there is a day full of experiences, examples of Western art to the treasure hunt.

This year, thanks FajnDnu children try out what life was like in the Wild West. They can ride a horse from a local riding school, play different games, and eventually everybody dismounts the fire and assess the full day of adventure and fun. This year's participants will be few institutions of Zlin and its surroundings as well as two schools in the Slovak Republic.

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