The Special Branch: The referee team sports Added:13.5. 2011
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The Special Branch: The referee team sports

We should admit that the referee is not the most popular roles. When your team loses, it's just guilt man with a whistle. Which path leads to this demanding profession? Do you have enough strength of character to such a degree course at ventured?

Course characteristics === === Three-year Bachelor Study referee team sports to focus on either the football or ice hockey, and is implemented under the Physical Education and Sport. Is it possible to study full-time or combined form. This is a completely new field, which in 2011 opened the first time in support of such partners, such as the Football Association, or UČFR CSLH.

Subjects === === A number of items that students receive is the same as a study towards Coaching. Moreover, arbitration receive items such as matches managament management, economics, sports and law, ethics, communication, psychology and others.

Where can you study

Currently you can only field study at the Faculty of Sports Studies at Masaryk University in Brno.

Graduates === === Graduates receive a license that entitles him to exercise the profession referee matches in the regional, national and international competitions. It should also be equipped with a graduate the ability to actively participate in the upbringing and education of other judges to ensure the operation of sports competitions and sports club management.

To have eyes everywhere, and hand the whistle …

Admissions === === The admission procedure consists of practical and theoretical parts. Practical entrance exam in Physical Education includes athletics ((1500 m run muži/800 m women run 60 m) and basketball. The second part of the exam consists of test study assumptions. For details, see „this link“: http://www.fsps / study / receiver-driven.


The application must be accompanied by the medical certificate (form FSpS) to issue or tělovýchovný sports physician or a cardiologist.

The chances of adoption === === For the first academic year of 2011/2012, 20 students planned to adopt in any form (full / Combined) degree. This applies to both directions of study.

More information

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