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The festival celebrates its 15th Pavlač birthday Added:5.5. 2011
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The festival celebrates its 15th Pavlač birthday

Press news

4th May from 14 hours to turn in the Smetana Embankment theatrical and musical shows. The festival, organized by University students will start directly at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • „The festival becomes an annual meeting place for students of our faculty is proof of consistency across institutions and artistic space for implementation of current and former students and teachers,“ said * ** ** Lab Philip, Assistant Dean for External Relations of the Faculty.

As one of the many side events, the festival Prague Majáles Pavlač again shown its multi-genre beauty. The entertainment will take care of music and theater scene, a number of innovative artists. The indoor theater will play files chaotic crime Vošta 5 and said no! There will also be competitions and refreshments.

The festival won the subtitle ** Probably very arthouse folk anecdotic Czardas ** and enjoy it will be able to both students and the general public, which gets the whole program without any entrance fee. "Besides being incredibly amused us, we are already last year, waited to see the positive response and the relatively high attendance, which was enough motivation to give up and go to the following organizations / this year. I'm sure this year will turn out as successfully as the previous one, if not better. "Said program director Helen Dry.

** For questions contact: ** Stephanie Neubauer / Spokesman M: +420 773 527 634 E:

** Note to editors: **

  • Rag operational since 2004
  • Last year, he visited four cities in the 52,550 paying visitors, which was more than any other Czech festivals
  • The program includes more than 20 side events in 2 months, roughly 346,000 people viewed the 2010 shares in the accompanying program
  • In 2011, the main day of celebration of the titular partner, which became T-Mobile T-music project

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