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Evening school - the way to graduation, a promotion or changing jobs Added:16.5. 2011
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Evening school - the way to graduation, a promotion or changing jobs

Evening school knows the majority of Czechs from the movie Marecek, give me a pen. In fact, this term can only imagine courses leading to graduation, as she was "an evening technical college, but also various retraining courses or preparing for college. For many, this is the only way to combine study with employment.

** What is a school night? **

The concept of „night school“ itself is very vague and basically not much of anything. It is now rarely used phrase actually jakoukékoliv studies indicating the afternoon or evening after normal working hours, whether it's secondary school leading to graduation, studying at a language school, through which you can obtain a language certificate Evening interest courses, retraining courses or need additional study of communication and assertiveness for managers and those in leadership positions.

** Evening School as a way to graduation **

While still a few decades ago was graduated high standard of education in these days almost every field of study or apprenticeship ends graduation. That and the new standards and requirements for the qualification of the many previously trained to push people to complete their education. The evening schools can obtain a high school diploma and apprenticeship. Currently, it is rarely studied night school every day after dinner, because the candidates are very busy time and did not manage to attend every day, but it is possible to undertake studies so remotely, where students prepare at home and school occurs once every two or three weeks, often weekend (it is not a traditional „evening“ school). Baccalaureate is in this way can be obtained from state and private secondary schools, where are accredited to teach long-distance form. Study to obtain a diploma and apprenticeship usually takes three years. In addition, public schools can study relatively cheaply, such as a contribution of CZK 2,000 per year.

** Evening classes to enhance competitiveness **

Various courses so you can take to increase their competitiveness, they gain more opportunities for future employment, to advance professionally or just spend leisure time meaningfully. These courses are offered for example by the Tutor, the end ceritifkát usually get their passing. Some are held once a week all day, others can also go in the evenings. Popular courses are „soft skills“, ie communication, assertiveness and so on. Very advanced courses are also managerial skills, but also languages, law, economics and so on. All day seminars are one-off, but you can also subscribe to the monthly tuition, half-yearly or yearly. Prices vary widely, 6000 CZK and you can sometimes pay for one-day workshop, elsewhere the price covers the two month course. For full-year courses, the price often moves in the order of tens of thousands.

** Evening school as a hobby or way to change the job **

Evening school may also be a way for you to develop your talents, it may be your hobby, and over time should lead to changes in employment. They can even be downright creative activities of different nature, such as crafts courses, retraining for a photographer or visage. After completing such a course usually get a certificate that can be used when applying for a new job. You can also do a retraining course for virtually any occupation requiring a high school – such as cosmetics, massage, technical fields such as the turnery or carpentry, and so on. In these courses, students will undergo usually about 200–300 hours and the price is proportionately in the range 20 000 to 30 000 CZK.

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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