Banking Institute presents Added:6.5. 2011
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Banking Institute presents

Banking Institute

Banking Institute, and is one of the higher education institutions which focus their activities exclusively to „produce graduates,“ ** but pays great attention to the development of science and research **. Banking Institute differs from other universities in particular many years of international experience in both the school and through partner universities and international industry associations, which is a member. The school belongs to the German education holding COGNOS ** ** ** ** AG, which includes several hundred schools with tradition, such as ** Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Science **, operating in Germany since 1848.

BICB member of international organizations IFCEB ** ** (International Foundation for Computer – based Eduication), a member ** ** AIVD (Association of Adult Education Institutions), CBA ** ** (The Czech Banking Association) ** ** ČAVIVS (Czech associations of educational institutions, public administration) ** ** CMA (Czech Management Association), CSE ** ** (Czech Economic Society) and supports the humanitarian organization ADRA **. **

In the fields of undergraduate study may Banking Institute Bank Management ** ** (in Czech, English and Russian), ** Property Valuation, Public Administration and the EU, Economics and Management of Small and Medium Business, Economics and Management of Health and Human Services, Insurance, Information Technology and broker **, ** undergraduate majors in Finance and ** ** Information Technology and Management **. In the foreign field offers ** Media, branding and marketing ** and ** Tourism, hospitality and events ** completed at a German university and Mittweida ** ** Right implemented at a university in Sládkovičovo.

** Banking Institute offers its students: **

  • ** Excellent graduates
  • Pedagogical team with experience from practice and from academia
  • Current information from research and practice **
  • ** Services under one roof ** (classrooms, lecture halls, reading room, library, dining, golf simulator, gym, etc.)
  • ** Opportunity to study the 5 regional offices by region **
  • ** ** Disabled Access
  • ** ** Modern facilities
  • ** ** The feasibility of students in the school magazine and other extracurricular activities (organizing events for students, exhibitions, sports teams at CAH, representation at conferences, research projects and others)
  • ** ** Foreign internships (work experience mediated organization AIESEC ** ** completed internships in the ERASMUS exchange program ** **)

Lifelong learning is an integral part of the College of Banking (Banking Institute). In addition to the accredited degree programs or even within their Banking Institute offers both long-term programs ** ** ** monothematic and shorter training courses ** lifelong learning. After completing a training program will graduate certificate of course, under each subject.

An important part of lifelong learning are retraining courses **. ** Banking Institute is looking for ways for clients to ensure their financing from external sources, and thus has many years of co-participation in EU structural funds.

Lifelong learning is BICB ** form of blended learning in the form of one-to four-semester courses **. Course participants have the opportunity to complete a graduation certificate ** ** procedure and after the test to obtain certification according to international standard ISO / IEC 17024, which increases the prestige of the position in the labor market.

Among the attractive continuing education programs include the Banking Institute of Banking, Insurance, Financial Controlling, Economics and Management of health and social services, valuation of immovable property or public administration and the EU.

** Banking ** The College is a school not only present but also the future of the school gives its students a chance to deep training and a good start to the professional and personal life.

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