The second round of the entrance to the Faculty UPOL Added:11.5. 2011
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The second round of the entrance to the Faculty UPOL

Palacky University in Olomouc, is accepting applications for the study until mid-August 2011. Until this data is needed to send an electronic application form, a shortened version of the study department and pay an administrative fee of CZK 500. The second round of admission announced by the Dean of the faculty since it was completely full capacity of some industries. The first round of entrance exams will take place 13th – 17 June deadline for the second round of tests has not yet been announced.

Report you to the different courses of Bachelor and Master studies in Bachelor degree courses are programs in mathematics, applied mathematics, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, physics and computer science, to offer a similar encounter also interested in studying masters. A complete list of courses open to the second round of admission can be found "on the website of the University Palacky ':…maci-rizeni/.

Most degree courses are held on designated subject only written entrance examinations in specified subjects within school curriculum.

Source: website of the University Palacky

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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