The MU-art computer center grows Added:12.5. 2011
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The MU-art computer center grows

Masaryk University beginning in May 2011 to build a new computer center to process scientific data and related research in the field of information technology. Center named Cloud Scientific grin (grin-SC) will provide resources to calculate the first and second, to store data so that it will be possible in real time to adapt to the needs of Czech and foreign scientists.

"Unlike existing supercomputing centers, which are suitable for long-planned tasks, we will be able to flexibly respond to current needs of scientific computing, which could not be planned in advance. Newly developed tools that allow work to stay on long-term calculations and short-term solution to address the acute problems and computational experiments, "said center director Ludek Matyska.

Center grin-SC transition resulting in Supercomputing Center Brno Institute of Computer Science. Currently available to servers and PCs with 550 processors and 150 terabytes of storage space. In 2013, when the center is completed, this capacity to increase to more than three petabytes, ie three million gigabytes, of storage capacity, and three servers with thousands of processors.

Source: Press Release

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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