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The world-renowned restaurateur Dr. Frank Masek will lecture at the Faculty of Litomysl restoration of the University of Pardubice Added:9.5. 2011
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The world-renowned restaurateur Dr. Frank Masek will lecture at the Faculty of Litomysl restoration of the University of Pardubice

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Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice prepare their students for a five-day course on "Use of an enzyme in restoration practice. The course will be held at the Castle Brewery in Litomysl between 9 to 13 May. The main course lecturer is Dr. Farntišek Makes, world-renowned restorer and researcher.

The restoration project for the European practice – Innovation Bachelor of Science degree program is organized series of workshops and seminars, which shall serve to develop skills and knowledge of university students. ** The workshop is focused on the use of enzymes in the restoration work **. * The author of this revolutionary method is world-renowned scientist and conservator of Czech origin Makes Dr. Francis, who is also a professional guarantor of this course, * „says Mgr. Art. Veronica Kopecka, organizer of the course, adding: "Dr * Makes a patent to the modern method of preservation process called enzymatic consolidation gave the Czech Republic .* “

The five-day course, participants can enjoy a morning lecture and afternoon blocks of practical exercises. On Monday 9 May is the official start of the course waiting for just three contributions. ** On the subject of using enzymes in restoration practice ** briefly talk section. Art. Veronica Kopecka and of course Dr. Francis Makes that at the conclusion of the morning session the audience closer to the differences between the Swedish and Czech School of Restoration.

On Tuesday 10 May morning raised his two post doc. Ing. Vojtech Spiwok, Ph.D., who will be paid ** basics of enzymology and enzyme structure and function **. The Spiwoka build Ing. Ilona Chlubnová, Ph.D., a lecture on the chromatographic method.

On Wednesday 11 May, the course will again two mA lectures Assoc. Spiwoka, which will address the issue this time ** practical use of enzymes in medicine and enzyme separation and purification **. The Thursday morning session will also feature doc. Ing. Peter composed, PhD., With posts on the practical use of enzymes in biochemical and enzymatic reactions. On the same day Dr ** Makes Francis ** ** approach procedure for determining the authorship of the image **.

On Friday 13 May, the course ended lectures Ing. Ilona Chlubnové ** on the use of enzymes in the restoration of wall paintings ** Ing. Petr Just on the use of enzymes in stone restoration ** ** Mr. and lecture. Charles Bayer, dean of the University of Pardubice restoration, on the technologist's view of the enzymatic method.

** The course will be held at the premises of the Castle Brewery in Litomyšl ** (Jirasek 133 570 01 Litomysl) ** in the days since 9 to 13 May **. ** ** For more information about the course is available at ** **.

This course is funded by the European Social Fund and national budget of the Czech Republic.

** Dr.. Makes Francis, painter and restorer **, was born in 1931 in Zlin. The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, graduated from painting with Prof. Holy and restoration Specialty Frederick Slansky. In the sixties Makes involved in the restoration of paintings of the Prague Castle Picture Gallery. He went on a study trip to Sweden, where the additional knowledge gained from the field of restoration at the University of Gothenburg. His dissertation on the effect of enzymatic processes (mold) on works of art attracted international acclaim. Since 1968 he lives and works in Sweden. With its world-class and highly regarded expertise has become a major Swedish royal collections conservator at the castle Skokloster. Restored, inter alia, called. Rudolph's collec­tion, which was the Swedes during the Thirty Years War, removed from the Czech Republic. Restored a number of paintings – among other things, Arcimboldo portrait of Emperor Rudolf II. He is the author of several scientific papers on the biochemical processes in the restoration of art works and also contributed significantly to the detection of counterfeit art. The patent for the enzyme devoted to the consolidation of Czech Republic. He holds the highest honor the King of Sweden for the rescue of Europe's cultural heritage, espe in 2005.

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