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Good high school writing of the world

** Dr. says. Peter Vyhnánek, Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations Metropolitan University Prague .**

** Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) in May this year celebrates 10 years since its inception. Could you describe how the university at that time look like? **

MUP was founded in 2001, which was the time when the Republic began to develop the sector of private universities. Nobody knew where to go, because the fact that anyone would pay for the opportunity to study at university, was a completely new and untested our conditions. MUP was designed from the beginning to act as school functioning and providing education on the principles of long-constructed in the public sector as a school with a clear profile of the field of international relations and legal disciplines.

** And how do you evaluate the past 10 years, from the perspective of today? **

Ten years of a university, given the long tradition of public higher education a very short time, however, the MUP is now 6,000 students and has become an integral part of the segment of higher education. In the past year to develop and stabilize the structure of degree courses, create personnel and other facilities, including the school expanded into regional towns – Pilsen, Liberec, Hradec Kralove. Imaginary peak was reached two accredited doctoral degree courses, which is an acknowledgment of the way that MUP going, but also the obligation imposed on the university and the quality of all its activities the highest standards.

** What do you personally consider to be the greatest achievement of the Metropolitan University Prague? **

The biggest success is that MUP is now considered stable University that the student's choice is one of the leading places. Success, that offer higher education in Czech and English. For success to be strong and developed international cooperation with more than 100 universities around the world.

** Where is the University in coming years, what are its goals? **

Higher education in our country is in a very unstable situation. Picked poor boomers, it is unclear what direction the state wants the university sector through direct legislation, the competition in higher education is increasing. Although MUP remains committed to enhancing the quality of the profile fields of international relations, legal specialization in the field of international cooperation, aimed at strengthening links with foreign universities and the vision of creating joint degree programs. The aim is to build a university MUP International, the world and open to students with various forms of locomotor disability. The aim of the university is to contribute its high-quality activities to overcome barriers in the perception of private universities in Czech society.

** What subjects Metropolitan University Prague offers and which is the largest annual interest? **

We offer a Bachelor 7, 8, and two master's doctoral courses. The core of the field of international relations – the Anglophone Studies, Asian Studies, International Relations and European Studies and International Relations and European Studies. Develop long lasting and legally-oriented sectors – public administration or industrial property. Offer the following economic science, international trade, for those interested in humanities Humanities offer and a new master's degree in Political Science.

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** University has a specialty, the candidate of the study does not find anywhere else? **

Our specialty is graduate degree in International Relations and European Studies at both undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees entirely in English. The specialty is also working on the doctoral studies with the Institute of International Relations, one of the most prestigious research institutions in the field of international relations in the country.

Special features of the Czech Republic (not in Europe or the world) is the field of Industrial Property, which also offered at all three levels of study.

Specialty, which is enjoyed by students with disabilities, the program is school without barriers, under which students study at the MUP tuition scholarship of people with various forms of physical disability of the locomotor system. This year follows the MUP attended by 70 students since 2003 and has undergone more than 20 students with disabilities.

** Many people still do not have confidence in a private high school, how would you convince these people about the level of education offered? What is the definition of a quality high school? **

For example, offer training for both the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees at the top. Quality of institutions supporting academic staff with a stable perspective for future development. Good universities are not close to the world and develop international cooperation, not only educates, but also develop other activities in scientific research centers, supporting gifted students and appears to the public as socially responsible institution that seeks to cultivate their actions the public environment.

** University also offers courses for the public? **

Metropolitan University Prague has the status of Cambridge ESOL examination, an accredited for PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, and allows participants to gain an internationally calibrated and valid test of English language skills. We also offer preparatory courses for Cambridge exams.

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