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Visit the theater and student discounts Added:30.5. 2011
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Visit the theater and student discounts

Visit the theater is not always cheap. But when you know how to do it, you can indulge in the culture as a student at will and in a few crowns. We bring you tips on how to save on admission to the theater in eight university towns.

=== Prague

The City stands an extraordinary concentration of theaters and theater companies. Almost duty is to visit the show „National Theatre“: Czech most famous scene comes toward the students. Holders of student ISIC, ITIC, EURO 26 and ALIVE may apply 50% discount on admission to the first and second gallery. Gallery is not suitable for people afraid of heights, the scene will be far below. Although it is a space under the roof of the theater, not on the site from a reduced fear of cultural experience. The building is very good acoustics and audibility is good in the topmost floors. Cheapest comes out a few places to stand 30 CZK for theater and ballet, opera for 50 CZK. Full admission to the gallery ranges from 50 to 300 crowns, depending on position, time and type of theatrical performance. Most lucrative places in the ground will come to equal thousands of crowns.

You can save considerably in the use of last-minute offers. At the last moment before the show to sell the remaining tickets at half price. Beware, often left only bad points. This option can be used for example in the „National“: or in „Švandovo theater“: or „Theatre Without a railing“: http:// Another way to get a discount Opencard is that most of the population of Prague is used as a public transport pass. Students can get the card up to 23% discount Strasnicka theater, ten percent in the theater „Minor“: or „John Hrušínský theater“: the Jezerce. Theatre on Fidlovačce offers students discounted tickets to pre-selected performances. Dates can be found at „www. ": Students of theater faculties have free admission. In "Theater on the railing“: students acquire 40% discount, „Dejvice Theatre“: provides 30% of the price crash and art school students pay folk 50 CZK. „Jara Cimrman Theatre“: students allocated the fourth row of the balcony for a straight hundred crowns. Reduced admission to the balcony, you can also use the „Theatre Palmovka“: for eighty crowns.

=== Brno

„The National Theatre Brno“: consists of three parts: Mahen Theatre, Janáček Theatre and the oldest theater in Central Europe Reduta. Theatre offers tickets for students in half the amount. Admission is variable, ranging between 480 – 130 Discounts can not unfortunately use the electronic reservation. The National Theatre Brno will also find last-minute bid. Applies only to university students under 26 years. Thirty minutes before the performance can get a discounted ticket for CZK 50 to the third order in Mahen Theatre, Theatre on the balconies and the Janáček Theatre Reduta. For students JAMU Academy of Performing Arts, Academy of Music, Conservatory, Theatre Studies students and faculty offers musical theater thirty minutes before the performance starts a special ticket for fifty crowns anywhere.

The „City Theatre of Brno“: provides students full-time fifty percent discount. Presentation of the popular theater Bruno, costs around a hundred and fifty crowns. To visit an alternative HaDivadlo students pay from 80 to 150 CZK.

=== Pilsen

Pilsen largest theater „Josef Kajetan Tyl“: has two theaters – Bolshoi Theatre and Chamber Theatre. At full price is ballet or drama from 80 to 320 CZK, operetta and musicals ranging from 100 to 370 CZK, opera from 110 to 380 CZK. Students have tickets for half price or they can take advantage of last minute offers half an hour before the performance.

Pilsen is a city with a long and glorious tradition of puppetry, theater represent the „alpha“:, „Chap“: or „In the hut,“ http:// On a visit to the theater to prepare the Alfa 390 CZK. Pilsen amateur theater scene „Dialogue“: is home to numerous theater companies. Visit the theater space will be your wallet friendly. On average, you come out with sixty crowns.

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=== Ostrava

In Ostrava are four permanent theater. The oldest professional theater is „The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre“:, which has two scenes – Antonin Dvorak Theatre and Jiri Myron Theatre. Applies here fifty percent discount for students of secondary schools and universities. Exception is the premiere performance. For example, full-price tickets to Verdi's opera Nabucco session ranges from 190 to 300 CZK. The list of Ostrava theaters can omit the „Theatre of Peter Bezruč“: It focuses mainly on younger viewers. After a student discount you pay a hundred and fifty crowns. „Puppet Theatre of Ostrava“: is primarily focused on children and youth. Monday evenings are an adult audience. A ticket will cost you a hundred crowns straight. „Arena“: Ostrava is the smallest theater. On a visit to a unique performance space aside to 150 crowns.

=== Liberec

Municipal Theatre „Franz Xaver Salda“: is not conducive to visiting students. It provides discounts only at thirty crowns at selected points on the ground floor and first balcony. If you want to save, you have to make up the third (top) balcony. The Little Theatre, the prices are favorable. For example, Googling for performance and fucking, which is determined according to the authors' words, the young digital generation, will pay reasonable ninety crowns. In Liberec, we find also a puppet stage. Visit „Naive Theatre“: comes at a hundred crowns.

=== Olomouc

„Moravian Theatre“: provides students depending on the production of a 25 – 50%. Convenient last-minute offer is valid only for students uměnovědných fields Palacky University. For a modest ticket pays CZK 20. Hana in the capital are a number of small files. Naming can „Theatre in tatters“: or „Theatre Tramtarie“: At both stages, students pay eighty crowns.

Hradec Kralove === === In „Klicper theater“: you can use student card ISIC 20% discount on all performances except the prime minister. Hradec „Dragon Theatre“: focuses on the youngest audience. Still have a repertoire of performances intended for adults. For unnumbered tickets you 120 CZK.

Czech Budejovice === === Local theater called „Theatre of South Bohemia Czech Budejovice“: Theatre manages among other famous revolving auditorium in Czech Krumlov. Full admission ranges from 90 to 230 CZK for the operetta, opera and musicals. Drama and Ballet is from 90 to 200 CZK. Students receive 30% discount.

Source: individual sites and theaters

Author: Hruška, Jan

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