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To work in Europe? First you find all the essential Added:23.5. 2011
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To work in Europe? First you find all the essential

People have different reasons for why go abroad to work – whether it's an effort to gain experience, improve your language skills or combine work with study abroad, or even a desire to change the environment. Although after the Czech Republic to the EU conditions in much simplified, still remains a number of obligations that must be met for such a trip.

To Europe without a work permit

If you decide to go to work in the European Union or European Economic Area, you need not arrange for any work permit. After 1 May 2011 lifted these restrictions and Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which by this time applying the transitional measures restricting access to the labor market to citizens of so-called EU-8 (including CR). In some countries, however, is difficult in certain areas to find employment than in others (generally it is easiest in medical fields, engineering, nursing or IT fields). In all countries it is usually necessary to register upon arrival and obtain a local personal (identification) number, which acts as a sort of substitute for the Czech birth number. The gradual easing of the labor market while also mean that cross-border workers are exempt from any local labor laws, laws or health, social and tax system. These can vary in different countries and therefore should be on them before departure to inform either one of the Czech, or better yet foreign offices. Beneficial source of information on the functioning of labor markets in different countries can be also integrated portal, among other things, „the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs“:…e_v_eu/zeme/ (MLSA).

How to find work abroad

Possibilities, where to turn when looking for work, the whole series. The most common source of cílovištěm offers and job seekers in our backyard of our country are a variety of job boards in part or entirely focused just on non-domestic regions. Very useful in this respect be „EURES“:, whose offices are located a stone in charge of offices in regional cities. Information about vacancies mediated through EURES you but also to other offices. List of jobs and the structure of the labor market in different countries also provides a European version of the portal. But even though she offers some of its pages in the ‚Czech‘:…, most relevant information to Czech language version is still lacking.

Despite the agency or on your own

The foreign work with us a number of specialized employment agencies, which usually take care of everything from ensuring the work itself over the care of workers abroad and the provision of assistance in case of problems until after his return to his homeland. Although they may seem (and even can be) by them given information and offered services of trustworthy, always after all any agency, whose services you intend to use, first well-check. Seek the same time especially after the previous operations of this company, after the experience of those who took advantage of its bid, after the economic background, etc.. Her work can also check the „Ministry of Labour website“:…ne/zpr_prace. Likewise, but you can try and reach out directly to companies operating abroad – for sending your CV and covering letter do not give anything. Here too, however, need to beware and find out about this company as possible. Many people also called hits on his own, but a similar option is more suitable for adventurers. In addition, if you want to go to a country whose language do you speak only in very basic intentions, we recommend that such a spontaneous trip with a good prospect of application and expected better luck or not to try. That does not mean that you can not find work in this way – it is important to be ready and well prepared to have your resume (preferably in the language of the country or at least in English), supported by references at your fingertips. It is also important to find out beforehand what most of the country, about its labor market and the possibilities of finding work, accommodation, transport, socio-legal system, etc.

Useful Documents === === If you reside in a country longer than three months but less than a year, you can apply for a residence permit for the period. If you stay longer than a year, then you can apply for a residence permit for EU citizen. This is not your duty, confirmation is only just to record your stay. Before returning to the EU to allow the appropriate office to issue a form E301, which will then be used to communicate with the Czech authorities, and wherever necessary to prove your previous work activity abroad.

Health and Social Security while working abroad

Anyone who has issues to work abroad, is obliged to pay its new location, and social health insurance. As a result it also demands the drawing of the benefits under the laws and regulations of the host country. On the contrary, this worker should opt out of its coverage in the Czech Republic, because it can not be used for this insurance logged in two places at once (it usually does not apply to posted workers or those employed in one EU country but operating in another state). If a citizen of the CR is working and residing in another EU country, in this country maintain its claim to the same health care as for local citizens. To unsubscribe insurance is required in the CR form E106, by which the worker must apply for its foreign insurance company. Based on Czech insurance company will issue a statement of registration for a period of service personnel abroad, which he himself stated in the form (usually for a maximum of six months if it takes a worker in another country for longer, it is necessary to extend the certificate). If there is any change in the situation, for example, termination of insurance abroad, you must notify the Czech insurance company within 8 days. Do the same period also needs to be declared the fact that you are in one of the countries the EU has launched self-employed, or you are left to employ. After exceeding this limit are charged for fines. After returning back to the CR and termination of employment abroad must again contact its Czech health insurance company and log back into the system of Czech health and social insurance. To support its existing health insurance abroad, the insurance company must submit an employment contract with a foreign employer, pay slips, credit certificate, etc. and form E104 (or E301), which will be issued at your request, authorized institutions in the country last job.

Source: Ministry of Labour website, www.nazkuš,, Photo: stock.xchng

Author: Černá, Lucie

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