The Special Branch: Sign language in deaf communication Added:27.5. 2011
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The Special Branch: Sign language in deaf communication

One can usually unaware as to its functioning in everyday life of an important hearing. It is said that if one of our five senses weakened, the other four will be strengthened and try to at least partially replace the fifth. In some situations, but even so absolutely impossible to give certain activities, such as higher education. Therefore, our special focus on fields related to sign language for deaf people.

** What is it **

People with hearing disabilities are in fact deprived of the opportunity to study. Lectures, seminars, communication with teachers … All this presupposes a healthy hearing. Therefore, at Czech universities, there are branches that specialize in teaching the use of sign language. This type of teaching is not only intended for deaf students. Log may also be candidates who want to devote such as translation into sign language. In addition to following these schools is also possible to study and learn sign language in different centers or groups.

** ** How to study

The first was for the deaf Bachelor degree in „Educational drama for the deaf at the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts“:…ysicich.html. The first students entered the study in the academic year 1992/1993. However, the study was interested in was at the same time, faculty and discipline master. In 1998 was added to this field have „Czech in the Communication of the Deaf at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague“:…. Here you can study in both undergraduate and master's program. Branch is further divided into three specializations: professional, educational, communication and interpretation, but it is only intended to hearing students. Facilitating studios allow deaf and other schools, such as the introduction of e-learning teaching methods. For example, Masaryk University in Brno, founded in 2000, the center „Teresiás – Support Centre for Students with Special Needs“:

** Entrance Exams **

In addition to traditional requirements for admission to college (as is the completion of secondary education, or completed a bachelor's degree candidates at the master's degree), the field of drama for the deaf at JAMU applicants also submit a certificate of medical fitness certificate and university study phoniatric examination conducted by the outcome of the examination. If you want to start to study Czech in Communication of the Deaf, have a Bachelor's program to study single-and double-subject. It is usually taken as one third of applicants. Entrance exams themselves are then composed by a test in which they are verified as general assumptions for the study, so questions about deafness and sign language. Can apply both hearing and deaf applicants (More information is available „here“:…).

** Items **

Given the relatively varying the load in our study both disciplines is taught different subjects and composition. But there are subjects that students must complete in Prague and Brno. In particular, places great emphasis on learning the sign language, which is practically an elementary knowledge, without which you can not move forward. They also learn to work with a computer and work with the media. The JAMU are also focusing on physical activity and precise terminology, describing theatrical activity, together with teaching methodology. Pedagogical aspect of the deal and the Faculty of Philosophy, although there is a rather special education for the deaf. In addition there thoroughly discusses linguistics, Czech language, deaf culture and deaf, psychology and sociology.

** Graduates **

All those who are perfectly in sign language, can no doubt act as sign language teachers. Graduates can act as translators of sign language, they can work in organizations for the hearing impaired or as assistants to teachers and lecturers in schools for children with this handicap. Theater can of course continue to practice or work in art and other circles for the youth. Knowledge of sign language is a certain advantage in the labor market (either for hearing or deaf). Deaf graduate in turn, can use knowledge of medical terminology in the industry in sign language.

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