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University of Pardubice, led by leading Czech Jaroslav Peregrin logic issues the birth of modern logic Added:12.5. 2011
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University of Pardubice, led by leading Czech Jaroslav Peregrin logic issues the birth of modern logic

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On Thursday, 12 May at the University of Pardubice will discuss the birth of modern logic. In a lecture on this very topic visiting professor in Pardubice. Ing. Jaroslav Peregrin., Czech leading analytic philosopher and logician.

The road to modern logic started probably in 1879, when he gave a distinguished German philosopher and mathematician Gottlob Frege's file Begriffsschrift (Conceptual font). In this dossier, Frege suggested a way to reform the natural language is a medium of our argument, and fueled by evidence (including mathematical), into a well-defined structure within which it would be possible to take stock of the allowable step of the proof.

Now this topic will be on Thursday 12 May in a speech given to a guest lecturer ** Professor. Ing. Jaroslav Peregrin **.

  • "Professor Peregrin will focus on the birth of modern logic, which is genetically linked to natural language. Relation of mathematical logic to the logic of the original agenda, as the theory of argumentation, and fueled by evidence, however, is far from unproblematic, "* brings theme that Mgr. Libor Koudela Pardubice branch chairman of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and physicists.

The findings followed Frege, David Hilbert, who decided that if we have a structure that emerged from the idealization of natural language, we can also examine a purely mathematical point of view. And in a sense, we try to convert the problem of truth to the problem of a certain type of calculation. Hilbert's ambitious program but ran into several obstacles. This so-called Hilbert program in 1931, Kurt Gödel refuted by the discovery of two fundamental theorems of incompleteness of formal axiomatic systems. On grasping the logical semantics in the theory of Tarski's worked hard, so that more or less completed the construction of what is now perceived as the basic framework of modern formal logic.

The lecture was organized by the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists – a branch of Pardubice, Department of Mathematics (UM) Faculty of Economics and Management (FES) and the University of Pardubice, Department of Electrical, electronics and safety equipment (KEEZ) Jan Perner Transport Faculty (DFJP) University of Pardubice.

The lecture will be held on Thursday, 12 ** May in the lecture hall B1 DFJP ** University of Pardubice. ** Admission is free **. Start event is ** ** 17:00 pm.

** Professor. Ing. Jaroslav Peregrin .**, is a leading Czech analytic philosopher and logician. He studied mathematics. She now works in the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences and the lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, University of Hradec Kralove. In addition to logic deals mainly with the philosophy of language, semantics, and analytic philosophy.

Jaroslav Peregrin is the author of several studies published in Czech and foreign professional journals, including the author of several books: Introduction to Analytical Philosophy (1992), Doing the Worlds with Words (1995), Meaning and Structure (2001), Philosophy and Language (2003 ) Logic and Logic (2004), chapters of analytic philosophy (2005), Philosophy for normal people (2008) and with V. Svoboda, from language to logic (2009), Man and Rules (2011).

Ing. Dusan Cermak, Ph.D. KEEZ Jan Perner Transport Faculty University of Pardubice Phone 466 036 387 E-mail dusan.cermak @

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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