COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Czech for Foreigners Added:20.5. 2011
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Czech for Foreigners

Czech is known as one of the most difficult languages ​​to penetrate into their traps are still trying to thousands of people who do not get the birthright. Do you have friends who would like to have mastered the „r“, all seven falls and past tense? Czech for foreigners offers several faculties.

=== Czech for Foreigners

Especially in the era of open borders and a growing number of foreigners in our area of ​​study is becoming very important czech. Field of Czech for Foreigners with us issuing a total of three faculty. Each of them are designed exclusively for those candidates whose mother tongue is Czech. Among candidates for such studies tend to be foreign students and foreigners already living in the Czech Republic. The prerequisite for admission to all faculties by the issuing branch, is that the candidate already Czech master the basics in its spoken and written form (at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)) and knows some basic realities of the country. The main language of instruction is Czech.

=== The Student

Aim of the study is to give students knowledge of czech primarily linguistic in its intentions and its practical application, however, is not forgotten, nor its historical development and Czech literature. Bachelor's degree graduate will operate in the Czech language oral and written at a level equal to at least level C1 of CEFR, acquire basic knowledge of Bohemistic from Czech cultural history in general. These skills enable the future to continue their studies at other Czech universities, especially in the fields of philological focus (Czech language and literature, bohemistika, philology, journalism, philosophical disciplines, etc.). Continue study course can also study courses in other Slavic countries.

=== Graduates

Graduates of bachelor's, respectively. Master's degree are able to good oral and written language in the Czech language, gain knowledge about its history and literature. Can succeed both in an academic environment (especially in foreign offices, where their knowledge can then pass on the Czech or applied research) and practice as guides or interpreters and translators in various domestic and foreign companies, institutions and bodies government. Their knowledge as well as use in various fields of culture and literature. The study is of course also suitable for those interested in diplomacy or work at various embassies in the Republic or abroad, although there should be only the additional learning Czech and Czech life and institutions.

=== Where field study


** Faculty ** Study program: ** ** Philology Field of Study: ** ** Czech for Foreigners (Bc, P, 3 years)

Admission tests === === Condition for admission to study is a written exam consisting of a test of Czech grammar and orthography, and a short written summary. Applicants must also be able to navigate in Czech literature and realia. For admission to the study it is assumed the applicant's know­ledge of Czech language at an advanced level.

Web site: „“:…y/fields/425


** Faculty ** Study program: ** ** Philology Field of Study: ** ** Czech for Foreigners (Bc, P, 3 years; NMgr., P, 2 years)

Branch printed by the Charles University places primary emphasis on the contemporary Czech language and the realities of the country (history, geography, political systems, economy, music, theater, film, visual arts, architecture, etc.).. In contrast, teaching general linguistics and literary theory among the objects appear only marginally. History of the Czech language and literature, then here are more like support element to illuminate the present form of some morphological, syntactic and lexical phenomena.

Admission (Bachelor degree)

Entrance exam for the bachelor's degree is two and is held in the Czech language. In the first round, the candidate demonstrates his skills in the written test, which examines a general overview and an adequate level of knowledge of Czech language, literature, culture and history. In the second round is already dealt with an oral exam. This candidate demonstrates its assumptions for philologically focused study and practical mastery of the Czech language, your reader's perspec­tive (accompanied by a debate over the reading list), more general knowledge and overall motivation to learn. Model test of the year 2008/2009 can be found „here“:….2008-09.pdf.

Master's studies at Charles University can expand knowledge of Slavic Studies, general linguistics, literary theory, etc..

Admission (NMgr. study)

Entrance test for this type of study is also two. In the initial test must demonstrate knowledge of Czech grammar, linguistic and literary terminology, the Czech culture, history and Czech life and institutions, etc. The test is typing on a given topic. A second test consists of an interview, which verifies the applicant's know­ledge of Czech language Czech literature (again, must be documented list of readings) and culture. The evaluation is also the applicant's as­sumptions for the philological study of the field and his motivation to study. Model test of the year 2008/2009 can be found „here“:…vaz08-09.pdf (PDF format).

Web site: „ / bachelor ‚: (Bachelor studies),“ / Master‘: http:// / / magistr.php (MA degree)

  • ** University of Jan Evangelista PURKYNĚ In Usti nad Labem **

** Faculty ** Study program: ** ** Philology Field of Study: ** ** Czech for Foreigners (Bc, P, 3 years)

Admission tests === === All foreign nationals (except citizens of the SR) are in accordance with applicable Statutes UJEP before admission procedures to the field of Czech for foreigners required to take an examination in the Czech language at the Department Bohemistic PF UJEP. The test verifies the knowledge of Czech for foreigners at least A2 by CEF. Admission to the study itself does not take place any field.

Web site: „“:


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