European Youth Week - Youth Week Added:16.5. 2011
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European Youth Week - Youth Week

The European Youth Week 2011, attended by all countries participating in the Youth in Action will take place in our country on 17 – 21 May 2011 a lot of interesting events.

European Youth Week is designed primarily for those who are interested in a nontraditional form of education, like creative workshops and discussions with interesting personalities. Action major cities this year became the Brussels and Antwerp.

** Prague **

If you are interested in the possibility to travel abroad or would like to participate in exciting projects in the Czech Republic and abroad, to come to „taste“ of projects supported by the European Educational Programme Youth in Action 19th ** May between 13 and 19 hours in Letna Park in Prague ** (near tennis courts) and take part in Prague YOUTHWEEKu ** **.

You can get information about European educational programs, the European Union, and opportunities for youth. You will learn about the options in the form of dance, theater and film workshops presented by successful implementers of projects for youth. You will have the opportunity to see the show Kultur8 * * – a mosaic of human subjects lenses Czech volunteers. Introduces you to the dance group acrobatic gymnastics CHEBEJET * *.

** Afternoon Tea in Prostejov and Olomouc **

The Olomouc Region held two tea parties, one will be ** at Wednesday, May 18 Bethany in a cafe in Manchester from 19 hours ** ** and the second on Thursday, May 19 in a cafe in Prostejov ** (location TBA) ** 19 hours from the **. Afternoon Tea will introduce a number of foreign volunteers currently living in the Czech Republic, you will be able to listen to their experiences and stories and ask them what you are interested in voluntary service.

** ** Ostrava

In Ostrava ukuteční weekend training for representatives of parliaments in the school term 20 to 21.5 ** .** The training is to familiarize participants with the rules of project management and a fun and interactive way to support them in the creation and formulation of the project.

** ** Brno

In Brno ** Studio Drama Education Labyrinth runs from 17 – 19.5 .** educational programs for elementary and secondary schools focusing on cultural diversity and active participation of young people. At the same time it is ready * Africa * The Secret Workshop – Workshop bubnovací ** from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17 .** SDV in the Labyrinth. From 20:00 hours on the site will be a concert. It also prepared a presentation evening * * associated with the tasting of food products, which are attended by volunteers from * Russia, Turkey and France .* ** The presentation evening takes place May 19 from 18:00 hrs .**

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