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How to study in France Added:6.6. 2011
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How to study in France

France is the land of wine, cheese, Gothic cathedrals, but also science. Studying in France is relatively well for the Czechs and available from various European institutions may also obtain financial support. Whether you want to go to France for a year or three, the experience certainly will not regret it.

France boasts a quality education, renowned experts in teaching positions, international atmosphere in schools, and legendary French „savoir vivre“ – enjoy the art of life. Let's look at what needs to be prepared when you leave this combination attracted to study in France.

** Selection of school and field **

First you must decide whether you are standing on completion of the entire university studies in France with the final acquisition of title, whether you want to spend there only one or two semesters of the activity, go to summer school as a volunteer or a language course – all this is possible without major complications . Probably the easiest is the first year of graduate studies in the Czech Republic, and then „move“ in France, eliminating the initial admission formalities and the introductory course and will be easy for you to get financial support, but it's certainly not the only possible option. If you want the French school right after graduation, you should send at least two or three applications (usually by mail directly to your local schools) to improve their chances of admission. To begin studies in Fall semester application deadline is the end of April for the spring semester studying at the end of October, entrance exams, each school can create your own.

Since the Czechs are European Union citizens do not need to browse any special procedure to get permission to study, or even a visa. They thus reported directly to any higher education institution in France. If you are applying in the first year of college, you have to go through post-secondary admission process on the Internet („Admission of post-bac“, APB), as well as all French candidates for the study, if you already had one year of study at school and in the Czech France only want to spend some time studying or completed this formality is not you, but you can meet with the selection process for a scholarship at your home university in the Czech Republic. You can choose a school according to the prestige offered by branches or region; list of higher education and find their search engine such as „the crossroads“:…licence.html. Specific information about the admission procedure and other organizational necessities, then visit your chosen institution.

** Knowledge of language **

If you do not understand French, it's not necessarily an obstacle to study in France, which offers candidates from foreign countries, hundreds of learning „programs taught in English“:…ught-english. However, it is true that the basic knowledge of French in this country certainly pays off, because the French are very proud of their language and anyone who has a desire to teach him the door wide open for them. In addition, it is an important world language, whose knowledge will be useful later in your life.

** The financial demands and scholarships **

Tuition fees are relatively low in France, in the case of a bachelor's degree, the amount per academic year is about € 170, master pay over 220 €, PhD about 340 €. The higher the amount paid medics or future engineers, which can cost an academic year to grow to over 500 €, private schools – like here – the price ranges from € 3,000 to € 10,000 per year highs. Also to be reckoned with higher living costs. Students, even from other European Union countries, however, have the opportunity to study law to work 964 hours per year, which corresponds to 60% of full-time, so it is possible to help out financially. The financial support can be requested for example under the „Erasmus“:, through the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic as „Freemover“:, or you can use some of the many scholarships the French Foreign Ministry. List of dozens of grants and scholarships, please go to „search engine CampusBourses“: # app…e/index.html?… = 1eac & b333-si = 0 Erasmus scholarship in which you can get the three to twelve months of stay, usually fairly well covers the cost of living.

** Where to look for more information **

Very useful state organization for anyone thinking of studying in France, „“: where you can find all necessary information and pointers. This organization has its „office“:…lika/22.html in Prague. The offer not only academic, but also language and volunteer programs and summer schools, please refer to „“:, france / default.aspx. You can also suggest a French site „of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs“:…_dedies.php3?…. A more student pages mostly in French, where you'll find tips for even brigade are „“: Http://www.stu­­ternational/e­tudiants-etrangers/english-version.html

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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