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Inauguration of the first electric car charging stations in Ostrava, located in the complex VSB-TU Ostrava, Ostrava Poruba. Added:17.5. 2011
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Inauguration of the first electric car charging stations in Ostrava, located in the complex VSB-TU Ostrava, Ostrava Poruba.

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On Thursday, on May 19, 2011 from 14.00hod will take place in the complex VSB-TU Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba ceremonial opening of the first electric car charging stations in Ostrava. The charging station is located on the premises of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava in Ostrava-Poruba. The charging station is part of the laboratory prototype of the Department of Measurement and Control and is located in a column next to the building design CPIT TL2.

Opening of the charging station is the result of collaboration between ISOTRA as Kaipan Ltd. and ZTC Energy Ltd.. This association has opened its partners last week first electric car charging station in the D1 motorway from Brno to Prague within the Agip petrol station. In Ostrava, the installed base station allows up to two electric charge simultaneously. The three-phase output voltage 400Vs interface implemented by industrial pětikolíkovými sockets for streams 16A and 32A is necessary or appropriate to reduce its own cable adapters as standard electric nabíjeného. In one case charging electric car can use the entire capacity of the charging stand, and in this case, you can recharge fully discharged batteries with a capacity of 40Ah electric car for a little longer than one hour. Authorized Access „elektromobilisty“ is provided with a chip card provided by RFID. By agreement between the Technical University of Ostrava and ZTC Energy Ltd. is a six-month operation of the station for its users free of charge.

Installed Voltage Charger Stand Station NS ITU 11 EXT is a side result of a joint development realized by VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, along with companies ISOTRA as Kaipan Ltd. in the project supported by public funds within the agency MIT TIP FR TI1/223. ZTC Energy Ltd. has entered into co-operation at the end of 2009 and implements a system of charging stations on the market. In the electromobility VSB-TUO has more than twenty years of tradition. Targeted infrastructure development takes place since 2008. Charging stand was made in the pilot plant laboratory prototype centers of advanced and innovative technologies VSB-TUO.

In its essence it is not charging stand Voltage ITU NS Station 11 EXT socket allowing only intelligent battery charge, and payment for electric energy consumed in the public space. This is a very sophisticated system of interconnected systems of future charging stations communicating on the network and transmitting data to a central database. Operator, administrative, service and user interface ZTC Energy will allow the effective use of the system towards the realization of other functions and development of „smart“ networks. From an active link to the charging station, rapid charging station and the future use of renewable and alternative energy sources.

The ceremonial opening of the charging station is presented a prototype electric car Kaipan Voltage (prototype K0 and K1), the electric drive system is developed within the above-mentioned project. The vehicle parameter reaches a comparable version Kaipan 14, the internal combustion engine. A vehicle driven dual drive with asynchronous motors with maximum power 42kW. Maximum speed of a vehicle weighing 800 kg is electronically limited to a system 135km/ha YLiFePO (Yttrium-Lithium-Iron Phosphate) batteries with 100Ah capacity can be calculated with an average mileage of around 250 km. Charging a fully discharged battery installed the electric charge takes a stand 3 hours 20 minutes. The driving distance of 100 km electric vehicle consumes an average of 10kWh electricity.

Introduced two-seater electric car has a sporty roadster body type based on the model Kaipan 14th Kaipan Voltage has been implemented as a prototype K0, K1 and K2. The vehicles are alternatively built water-cooled electric with reduction gearboxes of different powers (development and production ISOTRA). Dual drive electric drives are designed and manufactured VSB-TUO (alternatively Lenz), the power inverter board system, or alternatively Brusa MeanWell. Rechargeable batteries power the system is developed and manufactured at the VSB-TUO (alternatively, Siemens). The vehicle's elec­trical energy is accumulated in accumulators, whose regime is dominated by its own balančním system (alternatively MGM Compro). Interface with charging network is realized through the sockets Mennekes or custom fields with contact Walter. The company is preparing Kaipan commercial electric supply Voltage Kaipan either as a kit (kit-car) and finally delivered electric. Kaipan Voltage Electric car was unveiled at the Auto Show in Bratislava in April 2011. His presentation is preparing for the Motor Show in Brno in June 2011 and in Frankfurt in September 2011.

Charging stand for internal and external environment are still being developed. Their design, topology and interfaces are indebted to the style and interests of operators and users .. Their manufacture and installation is possible on the basis of know-how provided by the companies realized ISOTRA as Kaipan Ltd. and ZTC Energy Ltd.. The business ZTC Energy, during the end of the first half of 2011 is ready to install and operate additional charging stations 7pcs Voltage Station on the main routes in the CR. By the end of 2011 is planned to install and operate at least 25 public charging stations pcs Voltage Station.

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