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Cooperation PEF Mendel and E. ON Added:17.5. 2011
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Cooperation PEF Mendel and E. ON

Press news

Teams of students of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) Mendel University helped to design a marketing strategy for E. ON to sell clean vehicles. The project was to develop a communication strategy to raise awareness and demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

** Students today presented the results of their work for the management of E. ON, which commissioned the project to them. The winning team was handed over by E. ON managing director Karl-Dietrich Nespěšného check in the amount of CZK 20 000 .**

Awareness of environmental vehicles and their advantages over current means of propulsion is still very low. The term alternative propulsion mean compressed natural gas (CNG) and electricity. „* The aim is to encourage green transport and reduce dependence on oil transport, *“ said Vladimir Vacha, spokesman for E. ON

Working Teams of students PEF leading representatives of the E. ON presented on how to effectively communicate with the public, potential customers, the benefits of alternative propulsion vehicles. „* PEF is profiled as a faculty focused on practice and this was the main reason why we asked the students of this faculty, “ said Šárka Keywords, senior HR manager of E. The winning team was handed over by E. ON managing director Karl-Dietrich Nespěšného check in the amount of CZK 20 000 and in addition this solution will allow the company to apply in practice. " Title of our faculty are not just random. It is the result of several years of cooperation of our faculty and the energy company E. ON, which is the general partner, * "said the professor. Ing. John Betting, PhD., Dean of the faculty.

E. ON is the first ever energy company in the Czech Republic, which launched a public charging station in a commercial gallery Vankovka Brno and that, from March this year adds to its filling stations and compressed natural gas with the addition of twenty percent of biogas, a gas produced from renewable sources. In recent months, E. ON announced its new projects in the area of ​​alternative drives. In cooperation with the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will bring gradually to the Czech Republic, twenty-five "smart ed (eclectic drive), which lends free of charge to various institutions. The first one is already a rescue service or the Prague Zoo in Prague.

The PR department FBE

Ing. Jiri Urbanek

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