The new economics of VŠMIE Added:26.5. 2011
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The new economics of VŠMIE

The College of Information Management and Economics (VŠMIE) obtained from the next academic year accreditation for teaching the three branches of the Central Higher Institute (SVI Kladno). This happened after the acquisition of 100% stake in SVI Kladno. These majors are Economics and Trade Management, Marketing and Business Administration and Management.

For students SVI Kladno practically no change can finish studying their field as the only form of study that will meet the current standards VŠMIE. This applies, for example, the transition to a common school system information, as well as the CSI students can participate in various workshops and internships.

Students will be able VŠMIE from October to choose between the new items – Business Economics and Management, Marketing and Management of Social Work, all of the Managerial Economics area. These articles are based on the focus of the CSI and the students will be able to choose between full-time and combined form of study.

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