Ministry assesses the current state graduation examination course Added:28.5. 2011
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Ministry assesses the current state graduation examination course

** According to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ** not at 23 May reported no technical failures during the state graduation examination. Tests have already taken place or underway in 99% of schools, only 1% of schools starting with the oral GCSE on Tuesday or Thursday. The written part is starting on Monday 30 May.

The Ministry also informed that this was not accepted for graduation, nearly 11% of pupils. The Czech language and literature have done test 3.8% of graduates of foreign languages ​​5.4%.

Director of CERM Paul Green also commented on the briefing alleged leaks from entering the oral English. According to him it was not a release, but the worksheets from mikrogenerálky in 2009, which are freely available on the official site.

Source: Ministry of Education press release ":…nickych-chyb

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