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Pearls of graduation 3 Added:1.6. 2011
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Pearls of graduation 3

Maturity we have underway. Some succeeded, others did not. But whatever it turned out however, eventually no one will remember the signs, but the situations and stories that make „a test of maturity“ unique and unforgettable.

We all probably know the rumor about leaving písemce, where the theme of courage some students (who supposedly knows the suspect to many people) vytečkoval all 4 sheets of paper and wrote at the end of work „This is courage.“ About this story you can certainly very doubtful. The following statements and the situation has not really happened at the graduation.

Probably the most common graduation „embarrassment“ are the slip of the tongue. For example: „When he joined the Soviet Union, Gorbachev started kerosene * *.“ For testing of geography student in turn to the question of how to appoint the lines that divide the globe, said that „the equator and polníky * *“. History, the question of Spartacus rebellion. Student interprets that „6000 was slaves pokřižováno * * along Via Appia.“ And history, this time World War II, „Munich Conference participants were Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, Chalanger * *“ (right: Chamberlain). And on a completely different test, but still out of history: „So tell us what aircraft fought in World War 2 in the Battle of Britain.“ „So it was for Germany * neserschity *…“

Other situations, however, occurs when students are trying hard to answer, but unfortunately the lack of the knowledge. Or do they somehow baffles in the head and then it looks like this: „When was the Great October Revolution?“ „Great October Revolution was in March.“ „What time is it pay?“ „That is when the true from time to time.“ „Do you know who was the last Premyslid?“ „Noo, Premysl the Ploughman?“ „What grows on oak and beech to what?“ „The oak acorns and beech stems.“ „Name the powers of the president.“ „For example, determines the seating plan in the Senate.“ „Give an example of a Greek city-state.“ „Chamurappi?“

Gadgets are also situations where a student exudes confidence and is your answer virtually one hundred percent sure, but in the end result is not quite perfect. And vice versa, or their correct answers supplied test ONU proverbial icing on the cake. „How marriage terminated?“ „Death of a spouse or divorce. This is actually the only way to stay alive.“ „It's heavier than lead, arsenic?“ „I do it, please, weightless.“ „What is the capital of Suriname?“ „But Suriname is a beast, right?“ (Student of the country is wrong surikatou). „John the Baptist, or as he called himself on fire as a student under the communists.“

Even in GCSE mathematics can happen with different attractions.

But you definitely should not boil the water in situations where you are unsure of almost all. A certain student had a question in Czech Bohumil Hrabal and Closely Watched Trains. Although the film seen, but she slept with him, so they knew exactly the end. And he said: „Well, no bother him that the train full of Jews blow up because he knows that as well all die in a concentration camp.“ The entire committee was looking at her for a moment, then Chairman of the Commission asked if he is sure that the train transporting Jews, and what there is under it blew up? Student realized that it was the weapon and began to make excuses, that when „Closely Watched“ and thought, and so on and so forth. The rest of their excuses are lost in laughter watching classmates.

To refute the superstition that all teachers are evil and without a modicum of sense of humor, we will have two stories. At graduation from the Czech language, one student responded very quickly to the question who is the author of the Czech anthem. He said: „Francis Skromach.“ The professor, however, quickly replied: „Very properly, the game Špidlovačka that?“ The second story happened on a geography test. Student did not answer the question, to what altitude and can interfere troposphere. The examiner then offered three options: „It's a) 5 km, b), 17.5 km, c) 50 km?“ It should be noted that the student was immediately clear to all and answered correctly.

You see, therefore, that although the graduation no matter how hard you prepare, sometimes you can slip some hloupůstka. But believe me, after some time it just laugh and you'll still be happy story to tell your friends, and friends.

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