Even students need eagle eyes. Get rid of diopters forever! Added:24.5. 2011
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Even students need eagle eyes. Get rid of diopters forever!

** Studying at high or medium and you have a dioptric defect? We have the ideal solution of all difficulties associated with wearing glasses or lenses! Laser vision correction is now for students at a bargain price! **

No more red and irritated eyes from contact lenses, whether you are in bed last night in the books, or dancing! Moreover, how many times you have done, you even slept in them? Glasses are able to turn really hard time to be in sports. Did you know that serious injuries are often caused by eye just rimmed glasses? Despite the fact that you continually make new when you have to teammate accidentally hit the balloon, is not exactly the cheapest thing. Being at the college but blind as a mole, it probably is not a reasonable solution. So, now what can I do? Fortunately there is another option – laser correction of refractive errors. After just a quarter of an hour spent on the operating table forget that you ever saw wrong.

At the Eye Clinic Lexum are all available to clients the most modern technologies available that make it possible to achieve a painless and within a short time up to a quality outcome. Of course there is also a professional staff with years of experience and sensitive approach to each client. Branch of the Eye Clinic Lexum also found in five large Czech cities, Prague, in addition also in Brno, Ostrava, Czech Budejovice and Tabor.

„This is all very nice,“ you might say, „but the eye surgery is not the cheapest.“ Yes, eye surgery is a relatively large one-off financial burden. For contact lenses and glasses but one during his life, spends more than 100 000 CZK. Remember that surgery is a permanent solution to the problems completely disappear with continuous wiping misty spectacle lenses, deploying and removing lenses … Not to mention the risks to the use of contact lens-related – whether it's possible infections caused by improper use of lenses, mechanical eye injuries caused by improper handling lens or lens sizes incorrectly chosen, or allergies and toxic reactions to ophthalmic lens solution. With laser vision correction, and myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, you'll often even better than before! The Eye Clinic Lexum also comes with a special offer for students of secondary schools and universities – from 13 000 CZK you can suspend your glasses forever. And if you still hesitant, ask for an interest-free loan, allowing easily explode the payment within 6 months. It's up to you – as early as next semester, you can see sharply without glasses or contact lenses.

For more information and to order the examination www.lexum.cz

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