COMPARISON OF COURSES: International Relations at private schools Added:8.6. 2011
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: International Relations at private schools

International relations are among the most attractive sectors. Tempted by the language and politics? Do you see your career in diplomacy? Look what the offer courses at our private colleges.

CEVRO Institute of Political Science and International Relations

** ** Course characteristics Three-year Bachelor's course is conducted in the framework of Political Science. It can be studied full time and part-time.

** ** The content of study Rates should familiarize students with the theory of policy research (history of political thought, theories of international relations), research institutions and political systems, the fundamental problems of contemporary international relations (diplomatic practice, safety studies) and various modern approaches to the presentation of political ideas (political marketing). The aim is to teach students autonomy in the analysis of policy processes and ability to apply them in practice.

** The requirements for admission test ** Admission may take the form of a written test NSZ SCIO, oral form or motivation may be sufficient proof of a solid result for the state graduation exam. Topics for the exam in political science, see „this link“:…i/okruhy+pr/.

** Fees ** Full-time per semester will be released in undergraduate studies at 24.500, – CZK, combined for 26 500, – CZK.

** More information ** „CEVRO institute“:…gie+politol/?…

Metropolitan University: International Relations and European Studies

** ** Course characteristics Three-year undergraduate course is conducted under the International Area Studies. Is it possible to study full-time or combined form.

** ** The content of study The study should provide evenly balanced understanding of historical, legal, economic and other social science disciplines. It is aimed at both the global and the domestic issues. The studios are two compulsory foreign languages ​​and practical training.

** The requirements for admission test ** Applicants for a combined time students are admitted without entrance examinations. Applicants for full-time lodge a test of one foreign language (, Ger, FR, SJ) at graduation level, which verifies their vocabulary and grammar. This is a test by selecting a single correct answer.

** Attention ** First year students can take advantage of opportunities to study abroad, and logging in to „double degree“: ttp: / / / en / for-students / program-double-degree.html. Through this program may spend a year studying at a British university Nottingham Trent University and get a bachelor's degree after completing two diplomas.

** Fees ** Full-time per semester will be released in undergraduate studies at 29.000, – CZK, combined to 25.000, – CZK.

** More information ** „MUP“:…-studia.html?… C3% A1rodn% C3% AD% 2Bvztahy% 2ba% 2Bevropsk% C3% A1% 2Bstudia% 2B-% 2Bdenn% C3% AD & utm_campaign = Bakal% C3% A1% C5% 99sk% C3% A9% 2C% 2BMagistersk% C3% A9% 2C% 2BDoktorsk% C3 % A9 & gclid = CN-Gko_QhqkCFQK-zAod0RCpgg

International relations are increasingly hot topic

High School of International and Public Relations: International and Public Relations

** ** Course characteristics The three-year Bachelor degree can be studied both full. Candidates can choose between the fields of International Relations and Diplomacy and Public Administration and Public Relations.

** ** The content of study Students will learn the basics of social sciences (philosophy, sociology, law, economics), communication graduate basis (two foreign languages, rhetoric), basic statistics and management courses as well as profiling Specialist (international law, public administration, economic policy).

** The requirements for admission test ** Admission to the form of an oral interview with a view to verifying the general assumptions for the study, the level of general knowledge, communication skills and motivation to learn. Account is also taken for the benefit of high school, language certificates and experience in the field.

** Fees ** Full-time per semester will be released in undergraduate studies at 32.500, – CZK, combined for 31 000, – CZK.

** More information ** „VŠMVZ“:…

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