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Student entrepreneurs: It takes optimism and efficiency at work Added:10.6. 2011
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Student entrepreneurs: It takes optimism and efficiency at work

Radim Rezek shows that in the first semester of high school can start a business and run their own daring project. In the interview, advise students contemplating a business career, the complications that need to be prepared and how to combine business with attendance at seminars and learning for exams.

Radim Rezek (22) third year student of Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University and this year it waiting for the state exam. Already in the first semester began pulling away their project „Studentreality“:, therefore, a company that is an alternative to a real estate agency, helping students with the provision of accommodation and legal advice in this area. Thus it ranks very soon became a student and an entrepreneur at the same time. While acknowledging that it is sometimes difficult skoubit both roles, full of optimism, arguing that neither the leisure and relaxation for him is not something unrealistic and that it is able to make a space for their private lives.

** How did you start thinking in the very first year of college business? **

It was thus that I came to school and I started thinking about what to enforce and how to earn income. I should be thinking about Partners, I was already well on the interview, but I also thought this project. Your own home because I was looking for a full four months from June until September and I had with a very negative experience. I was really mad at the service Realtors. And because I try to always improve something, to go their own way, eventually I said in January that it would not be bad to run this project. I wanted to give some way against the current real estate offerings and offer something new and better. And so I started to prepare everything necessary, I began to entertain business plan and somehow pulling away. Then it was crazy to start with something completely new, to raise money and give it to the test ekonomce where a freshman is not the easiest. But somehow I made it for the first season, we rented an apartment about thirty and we had quite the interesting turn. It should say that the money I had invested all over again. A company to keep.

** Speaking of finances, even where the student gets a basic capital for setting up a business? **

Any capital that is not too big, I put together from their brigades. Otherwise, At first but I dealt with so that I can do most things myself. And the business plan, accounting, graphics, programming – just everything that is needed for new real estate office. This is all I have done either myself or I was looking for friends who have prayed on his knees to meet me at the lowest possible price. Somehow I poslepoval and thus drove the first season.

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** How can together combine study and their own business if they are both time-consuming? **

I got it so that full attention to work. I go to school this year just for compulsory exercise, I'm not in school, but while I watch all the necessary things. I go to the first class where I know what needs to be met and what terms, that I watch it performs. And of course I go where I can not miss. If it is necessary to meet any challenges that I have planned ahead. It's really a simple time-management – to meet what is needed and to work one hundred percent. When I teach to the test, so they do not teach a week, do not sit at it on Facebook and ICQ, simply to sit down and do it quickly. As well as working. I know I need to work quickly and efficiently, because it got a lot. We can handle it, but you get the job to recruit and then have him be gone nothing more than to make it. Then it all skepticism aside. I do not think much about it, I'm very optimistic and visionary. Complications associated with this project, I realize, but I do not think of them, will not prevent me from doing this to go ahead.

** Do you think that those in the business somehow helps your economic field of study, or would you start a new business, even if you need to study history? **

The mine field of study as such gives me a general overview of things, the basic theoretical knowledge, which man is able to learn very quickly. That the sauce, which is taught in college, that I feel useless in practice. But much of what I use, they are contacts – At first I tried a lot of communication with teachers in college, if he could not consult me. This is a huge opportunity because they are human resources and the consultation with teachers are free. If I had to pay for someone, it would be quite expensive. Cases of type management, management, control and other managerial skills you acquire in the course of this project. But I have devised and did everything himself, it moved me very much and very quickly. Every month I was to jump farther.

** Do you think you need some knowledge of the law? Are not you afraid that maybe out of ignorance you break a law and you meet a financial penalty? **

There is a certain risk. I think you have some legal knowledge is good to have. I am advised that much with one teacher is required to learn a little bit, but I think that if one knows these things, so it's just spew something in progress.

** What would you advise students who think that the study would start a new business? **

I think that students generally focus on only one thing on one exam, too much everything tip. I would advise them to learn to work effectively and be afraid. Everything else comes with it. What is important is stamina and endurance, especially at this time. So work hard, not to be shy and just do not think pessimistically. I see it as a major problem – that people look at things from the negative perspective. I'm everything I am optimistic and it works. Although I know that I am going into something that will not be easy, you always got one of your target and know how to succeed out what I do and when I do.

** Business students, as such, would you recommend? **

How To. It is the most difficult way, there are really difficult times. The student life is such a cool and beautiful, although it can sometimes students need to complain. For me this project is part of me, I spent much of the energy that's just finish it. If you would like to recommend such a business? Man it must have character, it must entertain him. Must be willing to bear that responsibility, do it yourself, not entirely placid. It's always nice, because even when you have money, they must occasionally go somewhere, to humiliate, to solve a crisis situation. It will be nice sometime in the future, but the man must be able to enjoy even the present, when the project is to be fully profitable. It takes years before it actually spins. But recommended – I'm like that. This is my project set to be too much profit, but to me it makes sense. When I see those results when I have a great attendance, when someone writes that he likes our work, that makes me happy.

Photo Source: stock.xchng, Radim Rezek

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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