In Terezin, a new private college Added:1.6. 2011
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In Terezin, a new private college

In Terezin, began work in the Litomerice new private high school: ** College of Applied Psychology ** (VŠAPs). Accreditation has given to a single field, and ** Human and Intercultural Management **, which is listed under the Humanities. The field is three years and its graduates receive the title of Bachelor will be opened from the academic year 2011/2012.

== About the industry

Branch is trying to track trends in Czech society and its transition to post-industrial stage in the era of globalization. It reflects primarily the current multicultural development, associated with increasing migration of workers. The aim is to prepare qualified industry experts who will be able to apply knowledge acquired in the field of psychology and other social sciences in practice, especially in management, personnel and human resource management, which plays an important role in working with domestic and foreign workers, ethnic minorities and .

== Graduates

The graduates after graduation can happen, for example, and HR professionals in HR or as a coordinator of educational projects, such as for members of other nationalities, minorities and ethnic groups. After gaining relevant experience may also hold such managerial positions in human resources management. May also operate as professionals in public and state administration, labor offices and regional authorities, towns and villages, as specialists in commercial and other forms of cooperation with individuals and teams from other countries and cultures.

== Entrance Exams

Admission will be the candidate of your choice either in Terezin VŠAPs in the building, or in Prague (PYRAMID Business Institute, Ltd., Karlštejnská 30, Prague 5 – Jinonice). Consisting of the test in the field of social sciences in secondary education and the extent of the interview read literature. Fee for one semester of study is 24 900, – CZK, the application is to be submitted no later than 15 ** June 2011 **.

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