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Study in Germany Added:20.6. 2011
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Study in Germany

Study in Germany might not look appealing at first glance, not look to the exotic coasts, but … Germany offers quality, affordable college education. Due to strong business contacts between Czech and German companies in the future will not have a problem with the application.

German === Education

Prospective students will be pleased that at German universities are not entrance examinations. Admission procedure works on the principle Numerus clausus. University students become the ones who have the lowest average grade of the school-leaving certificate. This principle is also applied to Czech students, but because their rating is better, the graduation certificate by the Bavarian formula recalculation. The study is the same as in our structured around three-year Bachelor and two-year follow-up courses. Different is the schedule of the academic year. Winter semester takes place at universities in the period from October to March, summer from April to August. At higher vocational schools, winter semester begins in September and ends in February, the summer semester lasts from March to August. The University boasts a degree in law, medicine, pedagogy, biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines. In contrast, Universities of Applied Sciences offer studies (social work, media disciplines, economics), supplemented by practical. Other types of schools can be named artistic, religious and private. A precondition for successful completion of undergraduate studies is gain at least 180 credits in the subsequent master study you need to get at least 120 credits.

Look === === An overview of all German schools, see „here“: or „here“: If you have already chosen field, and the city, contact the Department of Foreign Study (Akademisches Auslandsamt). „Contacts“:… visit the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Dienst). Attention. Several dozen colleges are grouped under the organization of the Uni-assist. List of schools can be found „here“:…glieder.html. If you want to study at one of the schools involved in the project, you must contact directly Uni-assist rather than foreign studies department of the school. The organization prepares an application to the study and examines the qualifications. One application costs 43 euros for each other to pay 15 euros.

Are you interested in studying in Germany for several months? Enjoy the popular Erasmus exchange program for university students. The program is directed by your home university. It publishes a list of study visits, the terms of tenders and requests. If you qualify, sign a contract that includes a curriculum. During your stay you have to respect the academic regulations and foreign schools to fully implement obligations under the contract. Reside in the host school can be a minimum of three months up to one year. Tuition fees do not pay, your stay is paid from the scholarship. Find a job and earn a living for the disabled.

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=== Preconditions to study

Since the Czech Republic as a member of the European Union to study in Germany do not need a visa. Unlimited can study at a German high school graduation certificate owners of the school. Conversely, those who have successfully completed a business college, technical school, etc., may be to study in Germany apply after completing at least one semester at the Czech university and only in identical or related field. Most universities require international composition of the exams: DSH, TestDaF, ZOP, KDS, GDS, DSD, PWD. Proof of language skills are giving up writing to study, but leave everything at the last minute. Exempt from the examinations, students are bilingual schools (in Liberec, Deutsche Schule Prag). For more information, please contact „Goethe Institute in Prague“:

Deadlines for applications === === Standard Deadlines for submission of applications for the winter semester is 15 July. By 15 give an application in January for the summer semester. Some schools, but determine their own dates, so check to make sure the relevant study unit.

=== Finance

Starting in 2008, was introduced tuition fees at state universities. The amount varies according to the Land and varies with the current political developments. On average, prepare a five hundred euros per semester. For example, in Rhineland-Palatinate is paid € 650, € 500 in Thuringia, € 375 in Hamburg, in Saxony tuition until recently not. Information on „Fees“:…o/Gebuehren/ in German. Fees are exempt only Erasmus participants. When you become a regular student of foreign schools, the Watch, for you to continue to be reimbursed by health insurance. For this purpose „form“:…ani/zadost-1 available from the website of the Ministry of Education, who served at the start of study.

=== Scholarships

The state financially supports only German students. People from abroad must rely on family background, working in the studio or take advantage of scholarship programs. When searching for scholarships should be able to assist your organization website „German Academic Exchange Service“:… (DAAD), which has a branch in Prague. Alternatively use the services of „Academic Information Agency“:, „Robert Bosch Stiftung“:…html/441.asp and its programs for the Czechs and Germans, „Czech-German Fund for the Future“:

Source of information: „DAAD“: and „Federal Republic of Germany“:

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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