The application deadline for the contest this year's Star Business graduates with prizes amounting to CZK 2,000,000 there is only a few days Added:2.6. 2011
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The application deadline for the contest this year's Star Business graduates with prizes amounting to CZK 2,000,000 there is only a few days

** Just a few days left before 12 June – and this date is worth remembering, because to this day can either mail sent completely change the future of fifty year's graduates. Your business idea can turn into a three-year scholarship to the university in the amount of CZK 189,000 and CZK 50,000 in cash to do! **

Many quarters of this year already has after graduation and intensively preparing for entrance exams to high school students' minds and certainly a lot of questions emerges: We have chosen the right course of study? How do we manage the financial burden study? How skloubíme their interests and hobbies with learning responsibilities? What if you ever get to school? And no less urgent question: How and what we live for the last „high school“ holidays?

On all these questions there is one very simple answer: Business Star. Each of you certainly wears a business idea – a very realistic one, the other only in outline, but it will not discriminate. Just when you think about what could be the basis for successful business, send a brief and simple formulation of a business idea for the competition „Business Star“:…ege/business- star – and then only remains to hope that just your mail addresses experts from universities and business management ‚Newton College‘: so that you invite to the workshop and the second round of competition in which have the chance to win one of valuable prizes.

** In the competition Finding Business Star for the price of the total amount of CZK 2,000,000! ** Will be given to fifty college scholarship from one semester to three years (thus considerations about what – and what – to study, have now a new direction). In addition, parts and a big pot of money from the thousand of up to fifty thousand, which is already a good basis for a fantastic holiday!

** Step by step instructions on how to become a Business Star **

  • 1 Step – Think *

At the beginning of successful businesses is a simple idea or an original idea – think of what could become the basis for an interesting business. They do not want any of you with complex projects and calculations, just very simple statement, a simple description of the product, service, mode of delivery, etc., expressed by several words or sentences.

  • 2 Step – Send the mail *

By 12 6th 2011 please send a brief description of your idea to To enter the first round of the competition and become contestants on prices that may affect your future.

  • 3 Step – Come to the 2nd round at Brno *

The authors of the most interesting ideas will be invited to the 2nd wheels (24 or 25 6th 2011), with the assistance of experts from the practice of transferring an idea into a simple business plan and compete with any of the following prizes: ** 1 Location: ** 3 years of scholarship in the amount of CZK 189,000 and CZK 50,000 one-time fee ** 2nd Location: ** 2-year scholarship in the amount of CZK 126,000 and CZK 30,000 one-time fee ** 3rd Location: ** annual scholarship in the amount of CZK 63,000 and CZK 10,000 one-time fee ** 4th to 10 Location: ** semester scholarship in the amount of CZK 31,500 and one-time bonuses from CZK 7,000 to CZK 1,000 ** 11th to 50 Location: ** semester scholarship in the amount of CZK 31,500, T-shirt contest

Detailed rules and more information about the contest can be found at

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