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The Spring School of ticks and diseases transmitted by them / Czech Budejovice, 30 5th - 3 6th 2011 Added:2.6. 2011
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The Spring School of ticks and diseases transmitted by them / Czech Budejovice, 30 5th - 3 6th 2011

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In the Czech Budějovice, Institute of Parasitology of the Biology Centre ASCR and Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia is the research and their tick-borne agents of infectious diseases at home indeed.

Not surprisingly, after three years in the Czech Budejovice returns a School focused on the biology and ecology of tick-borne pathogens and their. This time the program is part of an international consortium of seven laboratories (POSTICK) in the 7th FP EU (program / Marie Curie International Training Network /), which is designed to train doctoral students and young researchers in this field of infectious biology.

Intergenerational meetings of experts have called * „POSTICK Spring School on Tick Biology and Ecology, Czech Budejovice 2011“ .* full program consists of both lectures of invited experts, local and foreign (U.S., England, Spain, Greece, Slovakia) and workshops on practical problems solved in the laboratory (modern methods of electron microscopy, biochemistry protease, modern breeding practices in ticks, etc.). PhD students and young researchers from universities and research institutes from different European countries (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Czech Republic) will be throughout the week to discuss issues related to the biology and ecology of tick-borne diseases and their humans and animals (ticks and their evolution reproduction, pharmacology tick saliva, blood processing host mechanisms of defense / immunity ticks, viruses, bacteria and protozoa transmitted by ticks, ticks and their ecology transmitted infections, vaccines against tick-borne pathogens and them, advanced methods of research in infectious biology). An integral part of the spring school is also working in the field directly to the selected area, ticks will be collected immediately after the young researchers to analyze for the presence of modern methods of tick-borne encephalitis virus and Lyme disease spirochetes. And what would it be school without an evening of fun, ongoing professional discussions, as well as cognitive trip the beauty of South Bohemia, at the very end.

Anyone interested in this issue are invited to attend lectures on 31 5th to 3 6th 2011 in the lecture hall B1 Blažková Pavilion (Faculty JU, Branisovska 31).

Cordially invites you and Good bye enjoy

for organizers

prof. RNDr. Libor Grubhoffer, CSc. <> tel: 387 775 456

Mgr. Hana Bumbová Spokesperson, Head of External Relations University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice Branišovská 31a 370 05 Czech Budejovice

Tel. 387 772 024 E-mail:…ic-relations

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