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Slovak University student: Classmates helping me with Czech Added:8.7. 2011
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Slovak University student: Classmates helping me with Czech

Katarina Chovanová (20 years) studying the second year in Arts Management at the University of Prague. An application can only give from Slovakia to Prague and England, as elsewhere, this study can not study much. And although both reached the school, eventually studying in our capital city. About seminárkách in Czech, the Czech-Slovak relations and other Katčiných experiences you can read the following interview.

** Why did you finally decided then to Prague from England? **

Well, I originally wanted therefore to study in England, but I finally decided to go to Prague. In England I was well taken, but for the parents, I decided to Prague. But I have to Slovakia not reported because there was nowhere Arts Management.

** But here at the University of Arts Management is very focused on the Czech environment, the Czech tax system, the Czech legislation, the Czech accounting, etc … Do you think it then you'll be able to use the back and the Slovak Republic? **

So I think there are particularly important basics and it does not matter where I stay. And those individual things and then when I doučit. If I happen to work in the Slovak Republic, so there will be no problem with it doučit. Here is just a problem in that here it's all Czech, or about expected that those students stay in the Czech Republic.

** And I will you then stay in the Czech Republic? **

Well, just maybe not (laughs).

** What about England? **

Well I think that I went there to study Masters. But I see it still. In the Czech Republic probably will not fully work unless I got some totally amazing opportunity.

** Would you like to learn Czech, after all if you stayed in Bohemia? Maybe even the master degree, if she came out of England? **

Well, sure. But I think that both the Slovak Republic with the Czech language really growing up, we all Czech TV channels and look at them, conflict with her every day, in magazines and such, so that Slovaks are already immune to a bit of Czech. We have such a problem. This is rather the opposite, though some Czechs, Slovaks and listen to some words and ask, „What?“.

** But do not write seminárka in Czech, is not it? **

No, only if we work in a team, so I try to write in Czech and classmates with whom we write this, I doopraví. But when I write literally alone, so I'm writing in Slovak.

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in Prague with my studies without any problems.

** When you come to Prague, there was something heavy for you? **

My older sister is studying here in Prague, too, International Relations. So I already knew that, in essence, I was even at the college where I was staying, I knew how to get there and how to ride in Prague, it was not a problem. Just maybe only in school, it was such a surprise. I had a little different from the expectations of Arts Management. I know it will be so much Czech oriented. And so much economically oriented. Especially in that first year, the economic subjects I did not like too much, I did not expect it will be much. But I know that it is needed.

** Not any Czech-Slovak problems were? **

No. Just as I said, the Czechs have some problems with Slovak. But that is only occasionally, when some do not understand a word. Or perhaps they will come some strange Slovak word, how can we even need to use such a word (laughs).

** In Prague, you have more friends among the Slovaks and Czechs? **

Rather, I would say that the Czechs. This is mainly because on Arts Management is mainly Czechs. For example, my older sister lives again in this Slovak community here.

** You must be in Prague for a Slovak pub or simply a place where you meet the Slovak community? **

Well, I do not. I know that is a Slovak restaurant, but there goes the Czechs and Slovaks. It's totally care.

** A Your friends from Slovakia, where he gave an application? Also in Czech? **

Well enough to Prague and Brno. I think it is because it is for them away from home and want to try it. And Czechs are after all only slightly related. A Prague, so that's a bigger city. When someone says that he studied in Prague, so it sounds better than when he says that he studied in Nitra (laughs). I think it's just more opportunity, it is also more independent. Most of my friends wants to have a medium to leave home to study and go away.

** So, the Slovak Republic is well accepted that studying in the Czech Republic. They do not take it as a „betrayal“ that want to Slovak schools .**

I think not. I think most people even boast that he has a daughter, what study in Prague (laughs).

** If you were then to decide again, with what we're on the field and Prague, you know, if you decided after graduation as well? **

Now at the end of the second year I was studying begins to make sense that those economic subjects were needed. It's not just an arts and management, but also economics. So it makes sense to me and I would like to finish it. And with regard to the Czech environment and to the England … so I've been taken there, but the parents were not happy. In addition, there is much more expensive. So I went to the Prague. But if I had to decide again and it was possible, I would probably go to England. But not because I was not satisfied with Prague.

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