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I am a graduate. And what next? Added:15.6. 2011
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I am a graduate. And what next?

You finish school and do not know what direction to take next? There are several options – you can continue to study, start work, business, or you need to look for what is offered for graduates of our own backyard Republic …

How long is a graduate student?

One of the things that should be recent graduates interested in their new positions to the state. Until a student is studying full-time, in the proper length and without interruption, and he is less than 26 years, there may be almost on the social and legal issues of interest. With the announcement of that good news about the successful completion of studies, however, begin to work odsýpací notional hours of student life, often hiding under the term „student status ** **“. As stated in the Higher Education Act, „the study is accomplished by completing a degree program. The date of graduation is the day when the state examination at the end of study or the last part. "This implies that the study is not ending up obtaining a university degree (eg graduated), but the last day of state testing. From that day will also begin on time to meet certain obligations towards the state – particularly social and health insurance. Whether the student will go anywhere after graduation, health insurance is necessary to start later than the first pay day after it ends kind of time "defending“. For there is considered to be the month when the state tests were performed, and then another one the next (ie if a student has a state exam in February, the time „defending“ him, ending March 31, etc.).. Social insurance is paid only if the graduate has a taxable income. Pay him, however, may voluntarily.

I am a graduate. What next?

After graduation, he offers several alternatives, where to take.

Another study === === Graduates who have not done so already in a „major wave“ of the February dates, they can think about whether you should not lodge an application for another bachelor's or master's (or doctoral) studies. Although the main wave of deadlines take place annually, usually in February or March (in the case of doctoral studies, mostly in the April to June), the doors are locked or later. Many faculty issuing additional admission ** ** ** or accredit new fields **, and these processes are practically until September. Thus, if there is discipline, which filled your ambitions, does not offer advice to other than track faculty website, which it issued, or it is kept informed on the study wards. Information about the newly announced by fields and new rounds of the selection process also regularly publish in our section „News“:


One of the most common choices are fresh graduates employment, whether full or partial. You can search not only on specialized job boards, but can also use the services of „employment agencies“: (whose past and present is always better to check first) or you can look for specific offerings companies. Many graduates also choose the active option for addressing these interesting subjects, either through the Internet or personal visit. The second option, we recommend pre-negotiated prior to the meeting.

Alternative employment === === The temporary alternative employment relationships are then called ** ** Brigade, which is either an agreement on work (DPC) or for work (DPP). Both, however, are associated with certain restrictions – in the first case, especially the possibility of maximum working hours (this can be at most half the main employment relationship, employer and employee, however, involved the removal of social and health insurance), the latter must then be pay your medical and social insurance (the DPP is not removed automatically) and is limited beyond 150 hours on work for one employer for the year.

Business activity === === Some graduates choose a path of self-employment. Even with it are of course linked to all sorts of rights and obligations towards the state. Also as a self-employed, for example, you must pay health insurance, social insurance and of course pay taxes. Just for illustration: the minimum deposit for health insurance for businesses in 2011 are set at 1670, – CZK, the other 1807, – CZK per month will give a deposit on social insurance.

=== Labour Office

If you fail to find work in a „protection period“, ie until they have paid your student status, it is recommended to register at the employment office. This is not a condition, but certainly the least ** save ** for health insurance that you would otherwise have to pay yourself as a „person without taxable income“ (for the year 2011 is 1080, – CZK). Social insurance in case you do not pay neither you nor the office work, because do not perform any gainful activity. The disadvantage is again ** ** some restrictions in the possibility of further earnings (which now in 2011 can be none) and the need to continuously meet certain conditions (such as accept suitable job offers, except where rejection is not associated with good reason, etc. – detailed information about the rights and obligations of job seekers registered at employment office visit „MLSA“:…/pravpov_uch). Another disadvantage is that if you graduate within the last 3 years has not carried out at least 12 months (dependent or independent) gainful activity that based participation in the pension insurance and contribution to the state unemployment ** get no unemployment benefits ** (the above period may be humiliated by up to 6 months of study, which may participate in the insurance count as well). If you graduate after all participation in any insurance expel must reckon with the fact that the support will be continuously on the basis of different criteria to decrease. At least some contribution, however, can graduate to achieve, choose the path of re-training course (here it is about the retraining). More information about this topic can be found on the „Portal of Ministry of Labour“: # K14.

International Internship === === Another option, which offers after graduation are work placements. These are mainly recent graduates (although they can participate and students). Their purpose is to offer them the opportunity to practice and possibly future employment. The disadvantage of contrast may be lower or no pay. These types of internships offered mostly large, often multinational companies, but is also issuing a variety of nonprofit organizations, political institutions (such institutions within the European Union) as well as smaller companies. Several of these can be reached in the Czech Republic, but with a far wider range can be found rather beyond. The world is somewhat similar to the more common form of employment. The simplest form to obtain a position of trainees, is to go to one of the agencies to address this form of employment and help with finding a suitable cíloviště. Their services are often charged. Reverse but so can any of the non-profit organizations, intermediary various forms of activities for students and graduates (for example, „AIESEC“: „IAESTE“: etc. ). More about business internships can be found for example in „this article“:…acovni-stazi Another option is to search the menu of the companies themselves, which offer vacancies for trainees, and address them directly, ie without the intermediate agency. Even in this case – as in many others – pay the ticket is well treated „Biography“:…ny-zivotopis „cover letter“: http:// / academically-dictionary / password / motivational-letter, all best accompanied by appropriate references, certificates etc. obtained. Also, labor market placements because it works like any other – you want him to sell everything you have and know how. Internships can be both short (perhaps only a few weeks, summer, semester) and long-term, lasting perhaps two years. Some can even get a scholarship (for example, offers the possibility of such a program „Erasmus“:… &, but also others).

Working abroad === === Daring nature of the graduates may go directly abroad to work. And here are a few principles that are good to keep you in a foreign country, so to speak burns. Detailed and comprehensive information on job offers abroad as „MLSA portal“: or you can read in „this section“: -in-abroad.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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