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Electrochemical Summer school and workshops, and physical chemists electrochemist Added:6.6. 2011
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Electrochemical Summer school and workshops, and physical chemists electrochemist

Press news

From 1 to 6 June 2011 at the Mendel University in Brno held working meetings and physical chemists electrochemist and meeting young electrochemist.

Will come to Brno over 70 scientists from the entire country. The principal will include the latest findings from the fields of electrochemistry, physical chemistry, Bioelectrochemistry and biophysical chemistry. The findings electrochemist have a wide application in everyday life, mostly in the medical field, as evidenced by research team from the Mendel University in Brno.

The event is part of this International Year of Chemistry.


A team of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty of Agronomy of Mendel University in Brno, working on research that should facilitate early detection of cancer in the human body. To test them just a drop of blood. We already saw the first successes. In tests it was confirmed that the sick people metallothionein protein levels are higher than in healthy people. Unfortunately the way for the introduction of methods into practice and general practitioners will be long and complicated.

"In our work we deal with determining the concentration of a protein called metallothionein in human blood serum. This protein is most likely related to the emergence and development of cancer. The analysis we use a technique called electrochemical Brdičkova method, "says Vojtech Adam, science team member Associate Professor Kizka.

Research is currently only in experimental stage, but now scientists can detect a wide spectrum of cancers. "At the moment we have analyzed a large set of patients with cancer of the head and neck, followed by smaller groups of patients suffering from leukemia, melanoma, colon cancer, lung, thyroid and others. In all cases we achieved very encouraging results in the future of diagnostics, "said Vojtech Adam.

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