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Technology Competition Cup 2011 finals in Added:6.6. 2011
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Technology Competition Cup 2011 finals in

Press news

Prague, 30 May 2011: The first year of the Innovative Technology Cup competition for students is at an end. The competition task was to stimulate young people to not write their thoughts and work in a drawer, but to teach them to apply and enforce in practice.

Winner of the competition, which was attended by more than five hundred contestants will be announced at the Brno Exhibition Centre at the fair Autosalon. Final Day to take place on 6th June at 10:00. You will be rated by the most successful ones, who gain valuable financial and non-price.

The competition is enrolled more than 500 students from nineteen universities, colleges and high schools. Accompanying events – Flash contest was attended by more than two thousand participants and were distributed a total of eight mobile phones from LG. The final work of an expert committee will select the six best examples of transfer of ideas of young people. The authors of the work will get cash, televisions and monitors from LG, expert advice and the possibility of developing a project from the partners of the competition and many other interesting prizes. „We are pleasantly surprised by the level of some work and certainly will not be easy to choose some of the best, interesting work in energy, engineering, biomedicine, or give to know that the future of Czech science and innovation is not entirely a bad thing,“ said a member of the technical evaluation committee, John Austrian, Chairman Board CVVI. The largest representation were technically oriented universities – Technical University in Prague and Brno University of Technology. Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague were also motivated to participate successfully in the competition a major scholarship from the Dean of the Faculty, prof. Simak.

Competitions are also participates in seasoned competitors. One of them is also a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology, Tomas Svoboda. That a high school student formed a working X-ray unit, combined with CT. By acquired multifunctional hybrid device that has a wide application range from biomedicine to the security industry. "I built the whole apparatus of acquired and manufactured components, which was not easy. I'm glad I could participate in this competition because I would hate to let his creation in a drawer somewhere, "said freshman field Biomedicine and Bioinformatics, Tomas Svoboda. The man in your spare time earning money on improving and testing his invention, as a bartender and waiter. The competition was divided into two parts, one is competing with university students, PhD students in the second one. University students competed in five basic categories under which you can choose individual topics. "If a student is chosen from the menu, you can also register with a different topic in that category, but must relate to science and research or technology transfer. Those who will be interested, you can also register multiple subjects, "said Austrian. Competition categories are:

of Telecommunications & ICT of Engineering, Transport & Energy of Medicine, Biotechnology & Life Sciences of Agriculture, Forestry & Conservation of Humanities, Media & Culture

The total value of gifts for the contestants exceeds the amount of 4.000.000, – CZK. The biggest attraction for the winner's prize money worth 50.000, -, and packages of services from project partners – legal, marketing, production support, etc., as well as scholarships and internships. This may be the most talented get an interesting opportunity to apply their work in practice.

Already underway for next year, which will be launched in October 2011. All fans of this competition can look forward to interesting new partners, prizes in contests and other challenges.

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