Create. Lead. Now! Youth in Action program offers courses for young leaders Added:9.6. 2011
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Create. Lead. Now! Youth in Action program offers courses for young leaders

Youth in Action Programme supported by Ministry of Education opens the long-term course for young leaders with an eloquent title: Create. Lead. Now! The course focuses on the development of such capabilities, they should have a good leader, the leadership team and the work, cooperation with media and create their own projects. It consists of three meetings and the ongoing performance of tasks between the seminar.

The course is designed for young people 17 to 21 years. It is funded by the European Commission to support non-formal education for young people, and for that reason, accommodation, meals and costs associated with the content of training covered. Participants will pay a fee of CZK 1,000, which will be returned if they attend all three meetings. Those who would defend the charge and in attendance at the course, organizers can contact to find another solution.

Deadline for applications is 12th 6, you can log in „online“:…register.php?…. The second round of selection will be done through a short personal meeting 20th or 28 June 2011 at the headquarters of the Czech National Agency Youth in Prague. More information is available „on site Youth in Action“:….

Source: Ministry of Education

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