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Postgraduate study abroad: What are the options? Added:27.6. 2011
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Postgraduate study abroad: What are the options?

Dobojovali you have a war with the university and the name of your Master's or engineering degree, but leave the student life you want more? Option is to continue to postgraduate study. Not necessarily just about vocational training scientists – may be also the last opportunity to take advantage of student benefits and spend some time abroad.

Experience with foreign internships in any case extremely useful. Improve your language skills, get new experiences, friends and contacts, and you will be able to write interesting biography. As a student you are also probably the last opportunity to get to stay in the foreign financial support, whether from the state, from the European Union or from any of the many foundations that seek to secure the enterprising students. Ways to get scholarship, there are many – let's mention a few of them.

** ** Erasmus

Probably the most famous program for students traveling abroad is the „Erasmus“:… &. You can participate at any age (not so often handed down the myth that you must be younger than 26 years) and any form of study, including the postgraduate study. The condition is that you are a student of some Czech high school and still have not previously done an Erasmus. Stipentium in most European Union countries more or less cover the cost of living, in some countries is lower. You can not just go study, but also work, and three to twelve months within one academic year.

** ** Erasmus Mundus

While Erasmus itself offers only study in the European Union „Erasmus Mundus“:… & is open to the entire world. Another difference lies in the fact that you may not be a Czech university student, you can participate in the program as an Erasmus Mundus offers completion of the entire master's or doctoral degree studies abroad. The student in the Erasmus Mundus program is to study at least two universities included in this program (eg a year studying in France and then the year in Turkey), graduate that you will be issued jointly by those universities. During the admission procedure should take into account that each school may have slightly different requirements and deadlines for applications. Request by submitting a scholarship coordinator „of programs“:…jects_en.php.

** ** CEEPUS

Also, the „CEEPUS“: is offered for doctoral studies, there is only 35 years age limit. It is the exchange of students between the Central and Eastern Europe. The program involved CEEPUS Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Duration of doctoral studies is 21 days to 10 months and should be reported through your home university, therefore, be a student of some Czech universities.

** ** Fulbrigthovo scholarship

„Fulbright Commission“: # assumptions grants scholarships to students and teachers who want to go to U.S. to study, teach or conduct research, especially if they have a specific project in mind where there would like to work. The scholarship you are applying directly to the Fulbright Commission, therefore, need to Czech high school. What is needed is a permanent residence in the CR, Czech citizenship and knowledge of English. Applications can be administered to any subjects except clinical medicine and MBA, selection takes place once a year.

** ** DAAD

Despite the „DAAD“: doctoral students can go to Germany. It is necessary to be a student of Czech schools and the scholarship through her.

** ** AKTION

„Aktion“:… is similar to the DAAD, but this exchange between the Republic and Austria. You can get a scholarship to study, research or attendance at summer school in Austria. PhD students at the Austrian university can spend 1–9 months.

** ** CEFRES

It is a „French Institute for Research“:, which offers scholarships to doctoral students especially the social sciences.

** Sciex-NMSch Switzerland **

„This program“:… & is directly aimed at PhD students and post-doctoral students (young researchers). The application for a scholarship is needed to work on some of the Czech universities involved in this program. As for leaving doctoral research at a foreign institution for 6–24 months, as a post-doctoral student at 6–18 months.

** ** Visegrad Fund Scholarships

The „Poland, Hungary, Slovakia“: or to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe as a PhD student you can go for 5–10 months if you are not more than 35 years.

** Foundation and Martina Thomas Krskových **

„The Fund“: the ten year offers Czech students in technical fields, natural sciences, economics, history and political science student financing at some of the world's best universities. On the resound prestigious names such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, Columbia and Princeton. If you get to postgraduate study at some of these institutions, you can apply for the Foundation for financial support. What is needed is to deliver an affidavit that neither you nor your family do not have the means to finance studies.

** ** Other options

Be sure to check the site the „House of International Studies“:, which regularly publishes offers unclassifiable into any of the above categories, whether they offer scholarships or opportunities for students – self-payers. Find also information about scholarships at partner universities with which the home school your contract – so you can get some really exotic places. It is useful to look also at the site of the Czech „Ministry of Education“:…y-a-projekty. The last and arguably most daring option is to find the right country, university and a specific file on her application without shielding Czech university or any scholarship program. In doing so, you may be interested in it if you can get a scholarship or student loan must be from the university and the state in which you want to study (this option offers the example of France, studying in a large number of European countries is also free and need only cover the cost of living) .

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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