COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Insurance Added:24.6. 2011
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Insurance is a purely practical discipline dedicated to the narrow area of ​​finance. Become a renowned expert. Offer of Czech universities and universities is surprisingly broad, as you can see in our special.

University of Economics in Prague

Banking and Insurance to study the „Faculty of Finance and Accounting“: The school offers bachelor's and master's studies. The three-year Bachelor degree in school receives one hundred and fifty candidates for master's right half. Bachelor's goal is to prepare graduates who will virtually control the financial products, with an overview of the focus in the functioning of domestic and international financial market and the extent needed to be able to analyze the possibilities and effects of regulatory and monetary policy measures on economic subjects. Studies are focused on financial institutions, particularly in the area of ​​measurement, control and risk analysis. Graduates will be prepared for work at various levels of management of financial institutions, as well as independent scientific and analytical work.

** Entrance Exams **

Entrance examinations for undergraduate program consist of a written test in mathematics and English. On-line test you can try dry run „here“: or download test patterns „here“:…ad/index.php cat = 27 University holds an annual „preparatory courses“:…e_kurzy.php3. The price is around three thousand crowns.

Palacky University in Olomouc

„Science“: offers Bachelor degree in Mathematics-Economics with a focus on insurance. The basis of the study subjects are mathematics, economics and computer science. At the same instruction block includes items specifically focused on the insurance industry. The bachelor's degree followed by master's degree in Mathematics Applications in Economics at the Faculty of Science. Instruction is designed so that after the bachelor's graduate program was ready for practice mainly in insurance companies, banks.

** Entrance Exams **

Students are admitted without entrance examination, provided that the number of candidates does not exceed the capacity of the field. In the case of the entrance examinations is their mathematics content in the range of school curriculum.

Technical University in Liberec

Branch dedicated to the insurance industry can only study on the „Faculty of Economics, TUL“: Department of Insurance opens full-time Bachelor degree, Master's and doctoral studies also dedicated to the insurance industry. During the study you comprehensive information about Czech and world insurance market and use of information technology in insurance. Graduates find application mainly in insurance, financial companies, the pension and investment funds.

** Entrance Exams **

Those interested in studying at the Technical University must complete a written test in English or German language and the written test in mathematics. Tests to avoid candidates who achieved the overall average in high school to 1.5 inclusive. If you have previously passed the internationally recognized test of English or German language at least level B1, freeing you from the language test assumptions.

Become an expert on property insurance

University of Finance and Administration

Private college offers bachelor's and master's degree in „Insurance“: And in the form of full-time and combined. Tuition for one semester at the University of Finance and Administration costs 25 500 CZK per full-time, five hundred crowns fewer students will pay a combined study. The knowledge you especially in the area of ​​insurance law, liability insurance, property and persons, as well as economics and management in the sphere of insurance or health insurance and pension insurance.

** Entrance Exams **

The VSFS not need to perform examinations. Yet you will be subject rozřazovacímu language test. In addition, students will undergo an interview with representatives VSFS filing with basic information about the school and studio.

Bank Institute College

Bachelor's degree in „Insurance“: focuses on the preparation of qualified insurance professionals for successful application of insurance and financial products, the orientation of computer, statistical, mathematical and financial practices of insurance companies and administrations responsible for supervision of insurance. The school offers full-time or combined form of study. Semester at BICB daily student is 24 700 CZK and for distance learning is paid 23,500 crowns.

** Entrance Exams **

Candidates are recruited on the basis of a duly completed and submitted the application form.

Mendel University in Brno

„Lifelong Learning Institute“:…arske/sp_tzp lists bachelor of technical expertise and insurance. The study is primarily intended for those practitioners who wish to gain professional skills for the valuation of technical resources and claims handling.

** Entrance Exams **

Prospective studies will be admitted without entrance test to fill the capacity field based on the evaluation of results of studies in high school.

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