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One day a student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology Added:14.6. 2011
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One day a student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology

Press news

About one-day trial studies at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice is a big concern.

** On Tuesday, the 14th June welcomes Faculty of Chemical Technology University Pardubice one hundred twenty new students, but only „on probation“. The single day high school students will be able to become a „university“ in the faculty renowned event „Become a one-day student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology“ .**

Faculty of Chemical Technology has prepared students for high school students a unique event. Applicants for undergraduate studies „on trial“ could apply to 10 June, on the one department or the mouth of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. The site selected after students take a special day ** program **, which enables them to look into higher education. A college student that lives on the dry run was complete, waiting for lunch, the participants in the university canteen, where they can choose from five meals, or visit the university library.

About one-trial study showed great interest in high school, especially for studies at the Department of Biological and Biochemical Sciences Faculty.

  • "The students and students who are involved in the project will receive a unique opportunity to learn from the Faculty of Chemical Technology for yourself. At the same time, we hope that in the future when deciding on which college he wants a particular student to continue their education outweigh the positive experience of one day of study and that many of the day students are welcome in its ranks after graduation, "explains Professor *. Ing. Petr Kalenda, PhD., Vice-Dean for Education Faculty of Chemical Technology.

All-day program students will begin on Tuesday morning at 9:00 am a joint lecture dean for educational affairs prof. Ing. Petr Kalenda, PhD. After her students are divided into groups according to the chosen department or institute, where they spend the rest of the day.

Enrolled with 46 students, 69 students and two primary school pupils. ** Expressed the greatest interest in studying at the Department of Biological and Biochemical Sciences **, to which signed up to 70 candidates. The Department of the day for their trainees prepared five different topics, from which everyone will be able to choose one. For example the area of ​​Clinical Biochemistry (analysis of selected analytes in urine), clinical microbiology (identification of microorganisms based on biochemical activity, antibiotic susceptibility testing), general microbiology and food microbiology (simple coloring techniques, vaccination technique of micro-organisms), general biochemistry ( determination of cholesterol), physiology and biology (chromosome painting).

  • Further information and contact: *
  • Assoc. Ing. Petr Nemec, Ph.D. *
  • Vice-Dean for External FCHT its External Relations *
  • Phone 466 038 502, e-mail petr.nemec @ *
  • Ing. Valerie Wágnerová *

Chancellor * – * spokesperson

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