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Bachelor of more than an engineer? How to deal with change in degree programs Added:1.7. 2011
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Bachelor of more than an engineer? How to deal with change in degree programs

Paul is an engineer, studied five-year master's degree. After years would like to add to education in their field. So an application filed on the two-year follow-up Master's study. To her surprise, but the application was not accepted – because Paul lacked the required bachelor's degree. It could happen to you? What are the official opinion?

The story of life === === Paul, a graduate of a five-year master's program a few years after graduation filed an application for a two-year follow-up Master's study. But that the problems started, "the study department, I was first told that the entrance examination can not go because I have a Bachelor's degree, which is listed in the law as a condition for the opportunity to study at Master's level universities. Lady of the study department offered me, but that I can apply for entrance exams for bachelor's degree the same field. "But Paul did not just dismiss the issue. It seemed unfair that bachelors had the advantage against inženýrce, then wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education and also demanded a written statement of his belongings from university. A few months nothing happened and Paul finally got the message that the entrance exams to attend can. What are her real rights?

=== What the law says

Section 49, paragraph 3 of the Higher Education Act 111/1998 Coll. expresses this problem as follows: „It is for universities to establish the conditions for admission, providing access to the master's program graduates also long master's programs.“ The formulation of this result two things: high school to establish these conditions may or may not. Catherine Savičová from the Department of Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry confirms this ambivalence and the Department of Higher Education: "Under this provision, the university or the faculty to set different conditions for admission who have completed a study program at a university in the Czech Republic or abroad. But it is only a possibility and depends entirely on the college or university, whether this provision in case of admission to study in master's program will use or not. It is the responsibility of autonomous higher education institution or faculty, and decisions on acceptance to the study, which is in force, can no longer consider only independent court. While impossible to predict to what interpretation of law would be inclined in this case. " In other words, the law leaves your hands free to every high school and she does not prescribe how a particular case to preserve. We asked themselves why universities in their approach to this problem. How should Czech universities to address this situation, which came to Paul? The answers vary.

=== What schools say

** University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem (Mgr. Korfová Sarka, University counseling center UJEP) ** UJEP this year receives a two-year master's program only bachelor. Evidence of successful completion of a bachelor's degree is one of the conditions for admission to master's program. Reference is yet to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. Universities, which in § 48 paragraph 1 states: „Admission to the Bachelor's and Master's degree program is to achieve full secondary or full secondary vocational education. Students in the arts may also be admitted with higher vocational education provided by conservatories. Admission to a Master's degree program which follows the Bachelor's program is also the proper completion Bachelor's degree program. “

** Mendel University in Brno (Ing. Angel Matiášová, Ph.D., Department of Education Rector) ** At Mendel University in Brno is also possible five-year master's degree graduates to apply for master's studies. This must be only given in electronic application.

** University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (Prof. PhDr. Jaklová Alena, MD., Vice-President) ** JU this year can give graduates five-year master's program application for master's studies. These must show the index, or other statement about the study on the basis of the relevant Faculty will assess whether the candidate has fulfilled the obligations prescribed in the current undergraduate studies. If it finds gaps to faculty candidates to the items added. Graduates of undergraduate studies may not demonstrate these competencies.

** Masaryk University in Brno (Mgr. Martin Mrs. Wolf, MPA, head of the Department of the MU Rector's Office) ** Masaryk University in Brno provides five-year master's degree graduates submit your application for a two year Master's degree. The only criterion for admission is successful handling of entrance examinations, which will be based primarily on undergraduate curriculum program.

** University of Pardubice (Mgr. Iva Švecová, Head of Department for Education and Research, University of Pardubice) ** University of Pardubice allows graduates of five-year master's program to submit your application to the master's programs. They must meet all admission conditions (mainly to demonstrate the required knowledge).

There is no title as the title?


Given that the graduates of five-year master courses have already passed a master's degree, they will be under the Higher Education Act (§ 58) assessed the fee for further study. Eg. at the University of Pardubice is for every year of study 2.900, – CZK.

=== Our recommendations

What is clear from the foregoing? If you graduated from a five-year Master's degree and wish to apply for a two-year follow-up Master's study, check with the department prior to study your chosen faculty. It may happen that the application fee and pay unnecessarily entrance exams will not be admitted at all. If you choose to rely on the law, you can expect its various interpretations.

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