The new field of financial engineering at the University of Economics Added:17.6. 2011
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The new field of financial engineering at the University of Economics

New follow-up master's degree in financial engineering can be studied on the „Faculty of Finance and Accounting“: in Economics in Prague. The study provides the connection of knowledge of economics, banking and finance with advanced mathematical, computational and statistical methods. Financial, statistical and econometric models are then applied to risk measurement and management, valuation of derivatives and portfolio management. Among subjects such as probability theory and mathematical statistics, models of economic and financial time series, Computational Finance, Theory and Practice of bonds, monetary macro-analysis, Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Quantitative portfolio management asset management and credit risk modeling.

The aim of the study is to prepare future managers and analysts credit, market and operational risk specialists to develop new financial products, or traders and analysts of financial markets.

Applications may be submitted „electronically“: / application to 10 7th 2011th Entrance exam verifies the candidate's know­ledge in economics, mathematics and statistics at the level of undergraduate study. The term is 30 8th 2011th The new branch will be taken twenty-five students.


Author: Hruška, Jan

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