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Student loans: when it is not enough pocket money Added:4.7. 2011
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Student loans: when it is not enough pocket money

Studying in college is not only challenging in terms of mental (oh, those tests!) And physical (oh, those sleepless nights!), But also in terms of financial. If you study the state school tuition to you (yet) affected. But the textbook, college and housing, food, transportation, entertainment and sports a price. And let's face it, not enough.

The student then has several options if you do not want to burden their family spending purse forever. Brigades, a half-time or self-employment is one thing, but we all know that not all the schools can handle it. You can also save a lot. But bread and water charges in the library and rent in 1 +1 with ten other people must somehow pay. Flexible market responds to student requests quickly, there are so many options on how and where you borrow money.

You can choose from non-bank credit and loans, banking products, bank accounts with overdraft and state loans. The last possibility is still practically unusable. At present, because only ** prepares law on student financial support **, the text will also depend on the ** new version of Higher Education Act **. In fact, inter alia, the amount of tuition at state universities. Since neither of the laws is not yet completed their treatment and progress, it is not known their exact wording, let alone the level of fees or the possibility of loans. Once some facts are known, we will about them on our server informed. Until then, however, focus on other options for student loans.

==== Overdraft

Perhaps the simplest form of loans are for high school and college students still ** ** student accounts, which offer the opportunity to go into overdraft and cover the extraordinary expenses. At present such an account can be set up at the Czech Savings Bank, Commercial Bank, Volksbank, UniCredit Bank, CSOB, and others. The advantage is mostly low-interest and the ability to pump whenever you need. There is also a need for any new overdraft to go back to the bank and sign a contract. I'm simply collect more money than those currently on the account you have and the time you add them again. The disadvantage is primarily a low limit (eg two-month vacation in Brazil with some of the ticket does not cover the overdraft).

Most student accounts with overdrafts ranges up to 20 000 CZK, Czech savings can go up to 25 thousand. For most accounts, you must be more than 18 years, so you can pump. Above all, you must be a full-time students (for example, in KB so you can draw up to 30 years). So watch out, and every year to bring his bank certificate of study, otherwise it could happen is that a debit on the account will pay high interest.

Regular student accounts offer some advantages as well as to the charges, withdrawals, and so on. Comparison of student accounts, we have prepared for you in „this article“:…ud-a-srovnej.

Calculate what loan is best for you.

Consumer loans ==== ==== study

Not always, however, students need only from time to time to dig deeper into your pocket (read into overdraft). In this case, you should consider drawing bank student loans. It is already starting to move in larger amounts as it requires a greater orientation between bank products and more paperwork. Banks had for their clients usually require a guarantor and document the purpose for which student loan is provided (such as tuition fees, accommodation fees). Conventional loans without purpose with repayment of a student does not pay much, or often because they do not offer the possibility of postponement, which is useful in the study. Student loans in the Czech Republic offer almost all the banks, let's take a look at some concrete offer from them.

The condition for obtaining loans ** ** Czech Savings Bank is submitting a certificate of study. This is a full-time study at a private high school or at home and abroad, to a multi-professional school and MBA studies and combined studies. You can borrow from 30,000 to 300,000 crowns, you can pay up to 10 years. After a period of study can benefit from reduced loan repayments and to 100 000 CZK not require a guarantor.

For tuition, computer, teaching aids and the like at ** ** Commercial banks can borrow from 20,000 to 600,000. If you are a student of college or vocational school, you can use the loan for anything and you can defer repayment. However, if you study the middle school or even abroad, you can only borrow for tuition and without delay. If you do not own a regular income, such protection requires the bank guarantee by a third person, deposit in KB or building savings at the Blue Pyramid Building Society. Commercial Bank also offers credit for * Apple *. On certain types of laptops will then pay 17 CZK per day. To get the loan you need a valid certificate of study, ISIC card and two forms of identification.

** ** UniCredit Bank offers loans for full-time students at universities, colleges and language schools at the age of 18 to 30 years. You can get from 50,000 to 150,000, pay off up to 10 years. The advantage is that you do not show any regular monthly income, on the other hand, it is necessary to submit a statement of a third party guarantor. Payments can be postponed for a period of study.

==== Non-student loans

If you have not yet found his „favorite“ is the last option. That is the wide range of companies that offer advantageous loans and student loans. The advantage of many of them do not need a guarantor, often not even an extract from the register of debtors, everything happens fast. Many companies will therefore in principle sufficient citizen communication and email. But beware! Mercenary business in all market segments and are trying to capitalize on students. So, if you opt for one of the many companies (due to the large quantity, unfortunately we can not give their specific offers), try to get as many references, or go into something with what they have a good experience of your classmates. Leaflet Offers ** „Money – brand quickly and inexpensively“ ** on lampposts are not always the most reliable choice.

Ways to get money really is not enough. We need to realize that although the offer sebelákavější, always in fact a debt. Consider therefore always only twice, but three times, whether you need a loan, and especially if it you can easily repay.

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