The second round of admission to the Faculty UJEP Added:20.6. 2011
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The second round of admission to the Faculty UJEP

„Science“: University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem, designated as the ‚second round of admission „:…lo-2011.html. Applications may be submitted to a bachelor‘s, master's and doctoral the follow-up study. The deadline for submitting applications to the study is 22 August 2011. Candidates may use the "e“: variation application, or send it to the address of the Study Department. The fee for filing an electronic application is CZK 444, CZK 555 per paper.

You can choose from a wide range of fields, such as: Toxicology and analysis of pollutants, Computer Modelling in Physics and Engineering, Applied Nanotechnologies, Archeology Studies with a focus on education. A complete list can be found „here“:…2-2kolo.html.

Source: Faculty Page

Author: Hruška, Jan

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