Minister of Dobes: The state failed fifth graduation of students Added:22.6. 2011
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Minister of Dobes: The state failed fifth graduation of students

Nearly 20 percent of students failed the state graduation. Worst fell vocational school and college. Nearly ten percent of students while the school to graduation will not tolerate. „But it's good,“ said Minister Josef Dobes pětinového failure to address the Czech secondary schools.

„Maturity fell smoothly to the end of June I send a message from an analysis of state graduation in government and in the House Education Committee,“ said the home minister Dobes and continued: "next time turn the schedule of graduation so that the tests made in April and oral exams in May and also move graduation correction terms so that compliance with a possible start of high school, "he added.

Expected number of students to appeal the autumn term is 27 to 28 thousand, while mostly failed in mathematics. From it failed more than 14 percent of the students.

"Now it appears that performance bar has been set correctly, and I certainly do not intend it to compromise. My intention is rather tightened to a certain school levels, gradually raise the bar for quality, "said Minister Dobes.

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Source: Ministry of Education press release

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