COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Economic courses at private schools Added:6.7. 2011
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Economic courses at private schools

The economic and managerial fields are almost the most common, what you may find at private universities. Which of them go, if you decide not to go through public schools? The following article will offer a comparison of five private universities that offer economics.

PRAGUE ** **

** University of Economics and Management, Public Service **

The „ALL“: can earn a degree Bachelor's, Master's or engineering and an MBA („Master of Business Administration“:…ministration). Offered are bachelor and master degree courses Business Administration, Communication and Human Resources, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Technology / Management Companies, Competitive Environment and Management Master of Business Administration and their specialization. Study can be used in and in combination.

ALL degree programs are initiated three times a year in October, January and April. The nearest recommended deadline for applications is 1st 8th This school entrance exams are held by industry do not test knowledge, but rather motivation and personality tests of learning styles. On its Web site states that if a student passes the first year, the school has probably dostuduje.

There are three price levels of tuition, the lowest is 25 00 year 55 00 year high. Each level offers different services (eg to repeat the lessons beyond the schedule, special dates, also offer courses of study, sports, etc.). It is possible to receive a scholarship covering the costs. ALL pricing plan offers an individual the opportunity of studying abroad with an offer comparable to public schools. In addition to standard methods of control studies (tests, credits or seminar work) offers all the specific methods, such as e-learning or exam sample tests, studies are included in the study materials and other services (hotline, counseling, etc.)

Every first Tuesday of each month from October to July of 17 hours is open day, presenting all the key information registered and new applicants.

** College **

„College“: is one of the schools offering a degree in English, and both a bachelor's degree or master's, and continuing education with accreditation from the British Teeside University. The „Department“ School of Business is offered Bachelor degree International Business Management, which may be preceded by zero or two-year degree in Business and can establish a graduate specialization in International Management.

Also on the school system there trimesters. Entrance exams are not held back, however, held an interview in which the consultant tries to choose the most suitable candidates for study. It also requires a certificate of proficiency in English IELTS, TOEFL or ELISA or complement your English at this school. It is still possible to report online in the October term.

Tuition fees for bachelor's level is 90 000 per year in the masters 199 000 per year. Teaching should be directed virtually, students from the first year involved in real projects. The school is about 15–20 students per teacher and students from around fifty countries, the Czech students is less than half. According to information from college every day is open whenever it is possible to go ask for clarity.

** ** BRNO

** Academy ** STING

„Academy STING“: offers of economic subjects in bachelor's pro­grams, taxation, financial control and organization and management of small and medium-sized companies. It also offers two legal fields. Establish can graduate degree in Business Administration and Management. It is also possible to study in combination. The system is very similar to state universities.

Place of entrance examination is held oral interview about motivation. If you stand on combined studies, however, you will need three years experience, providing further practice and design thesis. Applications are accepted in the second round to 31 July, the study is divided into trimesters, but the semesters.

Tuition is the economic fields 36 000 CZK per year. With the good results it is possible to receive a scholarship (for the benefit of 1.0 is even 100% tuition). Further accommodation is awarded a scholarship. The study is in the form of lectures and seminars about 22–26 hours a week and the school is trying once again focus on practice.

** ** Ostrava

** College of Business **

„Business School“: offers bachelor's program in Economics and Management fields of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management in trade and business and management in the environment. More often than full-time study combined are elected or professionally oriented combined (which is to get an education in co-employment or entrepreneurial activity). College Graduates College of Business offers the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree in two semesters. They can also apply for an individual study plan. Follow-up studies bachelor's degree can graduate, full-time or combined in the field of Entrepreneurship.

Entrance examinations take the form of an oral interview and motivation can be folded in other cities than in Ostrava (for example, in Olomouc, Pisek, in Dvur Kralove, or in Jesenik). It is still possible to submit online application form, last entrance examination will take place in mid-September.

The annual tuition is around 36 000 CZK, for college graduates embarking on a one-year bachelor's program is the price of around 52 000 CZK. Are provided to other commercial software packages include additional services (foreign language or help in preparing for state exams). The school also has its own track.


** Forums – College **

Interesting to compare the school's „Skoda Auto“:…bstrips.aspx. It is currently the only business college in the Czech Republic. It offers bachelor degree courses Business Administration and Management Business, Business Administration and Management Business Administration and operation and financial management and master's Global Business and Financial Management, Global Business and Marketing, Business Economics and Management and operation of global business and law. Besides the last named, all field study and in combination.

Entrance exams are not held, sufficient to pay the entrance fee. Entries can be submitted in the 2nd round to 12 8, in 3rd round to 16 9th

As for tuition, at around 20 000 CZK per semester. The aim is to require student per customer. It is possible to apply for inclusion in the incentive program, where tuition is forgiven.

Links to this practice is in clear business school, are offered work placements, foreign stays, language teaching, various incentive programs and there is considerable opportunity for application of Skoda Auto after graduation.

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