The second round of admission at the Technical Faculty of CUA Added:24.6. 2011
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The second round of admission at the Technical Faculty of CUA

If you want to test the entrance exams for undergraduate study in college, there is another option. This time at the Technical Faculty of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague.

** ** Applications can be sent to the 12th ** August 2011 ** ** entrance examination will take place 26th August 2011 **. The duly completed application form must be accompanied by payment slip slip handling fee ** 550, – CZK **.

The written entrance examination in mathematics and physics ** ** consists of fields

  • * Agriculture *
  • * Road transport and urban car *
  • * Technological Equipment of Buildings *
  • * Technique and technology of waste treatment *
  • * Information and Control Technology in Agri-Food Complex *
  • * The technique to restore and maintain the landscape *
  • * Engineering * Maintenance

If you are applying to study Business and Entrepreneurship * the * technology, you need to succeed in the written examination in mathematics ** and ** a foreign language (English or German language, foreigners comprise mandatory examination in the Czech language).

** ** The decision to adopt the very day you will find the entrance examinations, ie the 26th ** August **.

More information is available „here“:….

** Source: ** Faculty pages

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