EDUin: Minister Dobes in assessing GCSE ignores critical voices Added:24.6. 2011
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EDUin: Minister Dobes in assessing GCSE ignores critical voices

Company „EDUin“: dealing systematically with concepts of education in the Czech Republic, brought together eleven major problems of the new state graduation. According to the organization against the low quality of public protests GCSE has 12,500 students and teachers.

During a press conference the Ministry of Education (which we informed you "in this assessing the results of the state exam, according to Minister of Education of EDUin completely failed to mention critical voices, and a petition against poor seniors graduating from eleven major fault state graduation mention just three.

For problems and errors the first year of the new state graduation can be considered under the initiative EDUin:

  • Excessive length of the school-leaving examination from April to June. This argument recognizes the Minister and wants to prepare for organizational change.
  • High organizational complexity and high demands on teachers. There is also talk about changes, but it is not yet clear exactly what they mean and if you really reduce the unreasonable burden of schools.
  • High costs without improving the quality test. Price / performance ratio for this test is very poor. That weak students are in vocational schools, and we knew before, and that it specifically is, you can find cheaper.
  • The actual reduction in the level of maturity. By applying a single test on the whole a very diverse structure of secondary schools has improved to the level of degradation of graduation.
  • Neobjektivita and incomparability. Original achieve greater objectivity was eventually abandoned, among other things, for financial reasons, resulting in graduation was worse for many schools, as subjective, but more expensive, longer and organizationally demanding. Degree of comparability is problematic (two levels, various tests), but realistically it can be assessed only after the publication of all results
  • The late publication of the results of graduation, which complicates the entrance exams for university students. It recognizes the Minister and is preparing an amendment.
  • Wrong entry in ambiguous and graduation tests. This is contrary minister rejects any errors (with the exception of four tasks). One of the big problems. Especially for Cermatu unwillingness to debate.
  • Problem entering a written work from czech. The problem that escaped public attention, but often it just reminds teachers.
  • Attempt to conceal tests and enter the correct results. The concession of the Ministry, which tests to be published in July, does not solve the problem. It is too late for students.
  • The current process makes it impossible for students to submit within the prescribed period by a qualified complaint on GCSE results. There can only be estimated if it is or is not the intention Cermatu.
  • The consequence of this scale would be a degradation of GCSE teaching. Last, but crucial argument. I graduated high quality applied in this way is a powerful tool affecting the content of teaching, than all the framework and school educational programs. This is a global experience. Our graduation is also really good and it Cermat minister and refuse to perceive.

That these concerns are not just opinion EDUin, illustrated summary of the comments of students and teachers on the „maturantipro­“: and two expert reports, prepared by experts addressing EDUin.

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