The Special Field: Art therapy Added:18.7. 2011
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The Special Field: Art therapy

It is said that the eye is a window into the soul. For art therapy is the proverbial window image. Mysterious therapeutic field of psychology is not only intended for patients, but serves to recognize the human psyche.

=== About the industry

Art therapy is a field that uses artistic expression to the knowledge of the human psyche and inner world of the individual. It uses a range of techniques from painting and drawing to work with ceramics. Unlike art therapy, art education does not aim to develop artistic skills. Art therapy looks at artistic creation as a form of communication and trying to analyze it through human personality. The second discipline of art therapy is a very creative activity as a therapeutic process. Field of art therapy in the Czech Republic can study mainly on the „University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“:…atedry/arte/.

=== Admission

If you decide to study art therapy, you will enjoy rugged admission. It is based on a written test of study skills that will test the depth of knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy, special education, art history and general outlook. A sample test, see „here“:…est_2008.doc. Another part of the admission interview. Within ten minutes, just imagine, you provide your motivation to study, or refund is accompanied by practice. Also during the interview must be able to sell their knowledge in the visual arts. Imagine your favorite art object and perform its analysis. As stated on the website of South Bohemia, „not assessed not so much encyclopaedic knowledge, but rather recognizing analogies of artistic expression in the various fields of artistic activity, searching for connections, nerve transfer, application enrolled in the new situation, the ability of synthesis.“

Fifty best candidates proceed to the practical part of the admissions process. This will take you to the studio, where students will undergo two rounds (trials and controlled studio) after ninety minutes. The studio test using colored pencils to create a simple artifact of colors and artistic process the given topic. The following controlled studio, where the instructions to create a artifact of a free theme. Attention, all Thursdays, art equipment and supplies you need to bring your own. The last point is the presentation of local art work.

Experienced art therapist knows what you're thinking

Courses === === The focus of training is practical training. You will learn arteterapeutickým procedures, management arteterapeutického studio, analyze and interpret visual signs psychopathology symbolism artistic expression. Of the study subjects may be mentioned art history and painting, color theory, aesthetics, legal and ethical standards for art therapist and a few blocks of psychology (social communication, psychology, art, abnormal personality, psychopathology, psycho).

=== Graduates

Graduates will learn to lead art activities of the group or individuals. Analyze their artistic expressions and discover in them the problems that an individual has a deeply hidden. Graduation art therapy graduates acquire the skills for team or individual therapeutic activities. They qualify for the educational, reedukační and creative teaching. Graduates often find employment in schools, mental health, counseling, diagnostic institutes, non-profit organizations can exercise or private practice.

Where can I study?

The only complete a degree in providing University of South Czech Budejovice. „The three-year Bachelor degree in art therapy“:…atedry/arte/ there can be studied at the Pedagogical Faculty. This is a combined form of study. Lessons are held twice a month every Friday afternoon and Saturday. Four-semester supplementary educational program is implemented in the framework of lifelong education in the Department of Psychology, „Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University Art therapy can attend seminars such as "Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava“: Art therapy is a compulsory subject in the Bachelor degree Special Education. He is a theoretical and practical issues of art therapy as part of the training of special educators . The „Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University“: art therapy is taught as an elective course in the range of three semesters in the Master of Special Education.

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